Sunday 7 February 2016

'nids part 183 - Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 4.

Well this just happened! With all the mixed feelings about my other projects every time I enter the shed I've seen this thing languishing on the shelf. September was the last time it got any attention, although there were other things that definitely took precedence to push it down my list of priorities.

Now it should still be low down on that list but I just needed to do something and as the plastic forms for the Chitin plates are actually one of those 'obstacles to progress' I regularly suffer from if I actually felt the urge to overcome this hurdle then I would be a fool to ignore where my mojo will take me.

I think that's one of the advantages of having numerous projects on the go, when one gets tedious it's really easy to switch to another project to maintain momentum. As it was I couldn't quite remember how to do these [I've done 10 spires so far!] so it was lucky I had a blog to go back for reference. I think the main spine is a bit ropey in places but the smaller ones came out pretty well and the hot melt glue didn't melt too much of them.

I drilled out the emitter ball too, I've found the second one so should I want to make another VSG it's possible, although I'll kick myself for not doing the two at the same time...

There's a curtain hook for the very tip of the spine and I'll be adding more down the inside. I put a Genestealer on the battlements for scale too.

All good fun, I need to pack out the plastic with PVA and tissue next, then a coating of tile adhesive/grout. I don't envisage this replacing any of my other projects but it's nice to take a break so I can make progress on it and return to the other ones afresh.

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  1. This is exciting. I look forward to further updates.

  2. nice project!
    let's see how you do this! :)

    1. Sadly it's got to compete with all my other projects so updates will come and go but I'm hopeful it will not languishing on the shelf for any significant periods of time