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Wednesday 9 August 2017

2000pts battle report - Tyranids v Harlequins & Ynnari - Game 1 - North West Open

The North West Open Tournament @ Wargames is an ITC format competition using the following rules pack: ITC 8th ed Combined Arms Missions. Each mission was rolled for randomly before the game and we were then all told which one to play.

Game 1 low down:
  • Scenario 3 - No Mercy [kill points based on Power Level]
  • Vanguard Strike deployment
  • Kill points [power levels] and Maelstrom
First game and it was opposite Max Koch and his lovely Harlequins, now I hadn't intended to do a thorough battle report so forgive the fact I didn't get much of Max's first turn but it's clear those Venoms made some ground into the centre of the board and in the trees on the left.

To which I totally got sucked into dealing with. I'm not sure if that was Max's intention but having put 9 wounds on the Tervigon I had to use it to deal with the nearest Venom but in so doing left the Termagants outside of it's range to reinforce and add rerolls to 1s on their shooting! My whole reason for it's inclusion dismissed in the first turn!

I did manage to get First Strike this turn  - the combined shooting of the Bastion, Hive Guard and Flyrant on the Venom in the top, middle of the board. But with secure Objective 1 [in the centre of the board] and have three Tyranid units and none of my opponents within 12" of my board edge I couldn't quite secure any Maelstrom missions.

Max disembarked some Harlequins who flipped over my Termagants so they could target the Carnifex with their Fusion Pistols - wiping it out.

My Trygon Prime and Genestealers had come on in a hope of removing the Dark Reapers in the ruined bunker. They'd failed their charge, or I didn't even bother with the woods adding 2" to their charge. They then paid the price with the Tygon being shot to pieces, I think from a Soulburst action at some point.

I suddenly remembered I had Command Points so re-rolled a save and he went back in place with just 3 wounds left - foolish?

The Venom on my left got destroyed and it's occupants took revenge on the Tervigon - the one saving grace it was too far from my gaunts to cause any synaptic backlash.

More Harlequins somersaulted through my lines, killing the second Carnifex

And then the Malanthrope.

The other Troupe used their Fusion Pistols to surgically take apart the Bastion, killing a Hive Guard in the process. This left the Aeldari exposed allowing my Warriors to whittle their numbers down a bit.

Teragants suffered some more casualties and with no Synapse battle shock took a further toll.

Genestealers and Trygon assaulted the Dark Reapers

And made them pay the price for their visious long range attacks. Unfortunately their consolidate left them far away from the remaining action and my Rippers were hoping to secure an objective.

However they were shot off the board and thr game came to a close.

Max had secured the most kill points so scored 8VPs for that. He also beat me for Maelstrom Mission points and gained another 8VPs. He secured 2 bonus VPs for King of the Hill [most units in the centre of the board] and Slay the Warlord. He failed to get First Strike [kill a unit in your first turn] but I got it in mine. Final score 18:1

Max was a great player, subsequently I found out he'd previously won the WarhammerFest GT and in his next NWO match tabled Richard Hope from Geeks Wargaming. The fact I still had some units on the board made me feel a little better about the loss, but it was a really relaxed game and any moment where things had gone wrong, he brushed the errors aside with no issue. For instance Max was unaware my Trygon Prime had synapse so hadn't ensured he killed it outright [no doubt thanks to my re-rolled save], when he realised it was anchoring the Genestealers a casual "mistakes were made" and we moved on. To have someone so successful in tournaments and yet play so casually without forcing an issue and so keep the game flowing was a real pleasure, not to mention his army was really nice too. Onto game 2.

Monday 20 July 2015

PeteB's Harlequins

As I sit here awaiting the delivery of my 40k man-cave and bemoaning a lost ['errant'] piece of an Imperial Knight I thought I'd share some of PeteB's Harlquins. I'm not sure how many time's Pete's put faith in these clowns but it's nice to see the old skool metal ones which I had myself way back when.

It's interesting how the choice to continue a theme from the rest of the Craftworld actually makes them all look like they've been plucked from a B&W movie. Anyway, he's got just a little to say about them...

Not sure about the name for the masque, but due to the cold conditions I thought the Masque of the Shrivelled Weenie?

I've also included a pic of Fuegan, who I will be using as a fire dragon exarch, mainly as he has to be the most over compensating elf I have ever seen!!

Thursday 11 November 2010


The first picture I posted was of my Harlequin Jet Bike. Harlequins were probably my first purchase for Rogue Trader. My Godmother lives in Canada and we went on a family holiday to visit. At the time my obsession with GW was absolute and I had my latest White Dwarf with me that I insisted on shoving under the nose of any and all that showed an interest.

Eventually we found an independent stockist of Citadel miniatures and I came out of a place more likely to sell scented candles than figures. I have to say there were some strange looks on the airport security staff when that box of figures went through the X-Ray!

Below are the figures I bought, painted in varying degrees. Eventually they were sold on ebay and although there are some I now regret this was not one of them. I still like the figures and the premise, although now I understand they're part of the new Dark Eldar codex, but I thought they deserved a more loving home.

The completed part of my Harlequin troupe.

The full ebay lot, including unpainted miniatures and a free Swooping Hawk [which I loved].

Death Jester inspired Eldar dreadnought.

The joker on his jetbike - batdance!

Some of the better painted 'quins.

Death Jesters, I love 'em. tried to be clever with a 'milky' wash on the shuriken cannons.

Average quality 'quins, some of my first attempts. The Riddler is on the left and the middle pose is awesome thanks to the Milliput 'hillock'.

These were unfinished at the time of sale.

Monday 25 October 2010

I've really fallen of the wagon now!

OK, so no ones reading this because I'm a new blog that's not going to be advertised but I wanted somewhere to store all my newly rediscovered passion for all things Games Workshop [the passion that dares not speak its name]. I started my interest in little toy soldiers before high school in 1985. Round about that time I was frequenting a local newsagents that sold Citadel miniatures but I'd also been to an independent gaming store called Game in Liverpool and proudly returned with my first lead miniature that cost about 50p!

Anyway I'll maybe spare some time over my history with this hobby over the course of the blog but I'll state that from 1997 to 2009 I was 'clean'. I'd managed to kick the habit and was firmly on the wagon for 12 years despite an increasing amount of occasions where the family would wander into a GW and I would make the store personnel regret ever sidling up to me with the classic "so what brings you here today?"

Still when the kids reach the age where massive super-powered space warriors and space aliens capture their imagination and a downturn in your other passions converge it's easy to suddenly fall of the wagon and indulge your passions. The fact is I always loved the creative side of GW, the painting and model building. I wasn't too bad at it either, just not very prolific, until my college years when I had more time to develop a painting style I was comfortable with. So that's what I'm going to focus on, the bits and pieces that I can collect together that I've made. Hopefully there'll be things people can benefit from, the shortcuts to managing your addiction instead of your addiction managing you. If you end up following me, huzzah, that's a bonus I hope I don't waste your time.

Stay frosty


PS a random image to start you off. Here's my Harlequin jetbike, painted in the style of the Joker from Tim Burton's Batman. Along with the rest of my 'quins he was sold off on ebay in 2004. Altogether I made a pretty little profit on these guys, more will follow over time.