Tuesday 31 July 2012

Warhammer World - the work of Eddie Eccles

One of the outstanding examples of 'miniature porn' on display at Warhammer World was in one of the glass cases in the main gaming hall. At the time I just took pictures because the figures were awesome but when I got back home, an a few days later the GW blog posted an article about the display and it just so happens that all the miniatures were the efforts of one guy, Eddie Eccles is his name. Of course I was a bit dismayed I'd not get the scoop on these but I'm doing my best to fit everything in at the moment so I'll not lose sleep.

Most exciting were Eddie's Tau - a hybrid mix of Samurai and Gundam by the looks of it. Creative use of gloss varnish also adds to the richness on display. I particularly love the 'rising sun' motif on the Tau shoulders.

I don't know too much about Tau [and what I've seen of their Codex I'm glad, I couldn't make head nor tail of it] so that big walker in the background looks mighty impressive. Excuse the 'photobombing' by me and my son ;)

Another element was the hot rod flames on all the skimmers, not to mention the additional battle damage. Eddie has to have a whole lot of balls to do these awesome paint jobs and then 'scuff 'em up' with damage.

Another awesome walker with a fantastic pose. Also of note are the comedy drones, these have all had their flying bases swapped for Necron legs. Can't help thinking that they're like the Droid army in Phantom Menace and somebody just plonked the dron on top of the lower limbs, ha, ha!

Another fantastic pose.

Inverse flame pattern for this skimmer sibling.

But it wasn't just Tau, these Orks were also amazing. A completely different pallete, more vibrant and saturated, at the time I had no idea they were all the work of one guy. Pleanty of creative 'counts as conversions' using giants to represent trukks or some other Orky weapons platform?

Ork 'bikers' on their hogs ;)

Another Ork 'vehicle using an Ogre Thundertusk as it's 'chassis'.

And last of all an awesome Thousand Sons battleforce. This Dreadnought in particular was impressive.

As well as these scouts and their Land Speeder Storm. Again some truly creative conversion or choice of models to make these units unique and exciting.

Sunday 29 July 2012

Warhammer World - Big displays

Some of the larger displays at Warhammer World - Forgeworld models in particular. First up the Emperor Chaos Dragon. I'd never even seen this beast, then again I don't pay too much attention to the Warhammer Forge stuff but it was mighty impressive nontheless.

Lucius Pattern Warhound. Not overly keen on this pattern, I much prefer the Mars pattern and the Chaos version is even better still.

Giant Squig Hoppers.

Nurgle Blight Drone. Love this and I had seen an awesome step-by-step guide to scratchbuilding one but I can't find it anymore, for shame.

'The Rock'. Built and modelled by Mike McVey one of the 'superstars' of my GW history. His was one of the 'names' you could roll off instantly as being someone you recognised in the GW world.

Still painting and modelling with his own line of miniatures at Studio McVey.

Forge World Horus Heresy

This trailer just hit for the rumored Forge World Horus Heresy book:

Looks interesting, epic and obviously 'cinematic' and I'm particularly impressed with the Horus Eye logo - nice reinterpretation [or early version]!

Friday 27 July 2012

Warhammer World - Game 3 - Chaos Space Marines [5th Edition]

Once again due to the unique way of preparing these posts in advance I have stumbled on a new problem. I still have battle reports for 5th Edition while I'm exploring new 6th Edition so I hope you don't mind having to straddle the two rule-sets to enjoy what went down. For one you've no choice and for two I'm not about to dump the content. This was my third and final match at the Warhammer World Tournament before 5th expired quietly in a corner somewhere.

Bugger, I went and took notes on all my battles but typically I've ended up losing them short of completing the final battle report. Still as this is a 5th Edition report which is so old news now I suppose it doesn't really matter. Anyway, Dawn of War setup by the looks of it versus some rather gritty Chaos Space Marines with some objectives, one in the ruins top right and another just in front of the woods. My opponent got first turn and brought on the two Rhinos with his Winged Daemon Prince in the ruins.

He moved on some other bits and flew the Deamon Prince straight for my Warrior line

And that made it just in charge range for the Adrenal Stealers in turn 1! What followed was one of the luckiest/shrewdest combats I think I've ever had. The Broodlord stared up into the Prince's daemonic eyes and hypnotised it! Whilst it stood there transfixed the Broodlord and his attendant stealers shredded it to pieces while it stood there helpless!

Following their triumph they headed off for more prey. The Tervigon spawned into the woods.

I think the Spore Pod landed badly and was moved elsewhere on the battlefield where it could do no harm :(

The Warriors took a lot of damage, no doubt from the Vindicators and assorted fire leaving the Prime to go it alone. The Trygon headed for the Rhino...

...and tore it to pieces but look what tasty morsels were inside.

It took both the efforts of the Prime and Trygon to maul the plague Marines but one still remained!

Obliterators appeared and did some damage.

I think the Hormies helped clear out the last plague marine, the Prime took out one of the Obliterators and the Trygon took out the 2nd Rhino but I don't think he survived the battle, but I'm not sure why. The Tervigon, who I assume had spawned out, had gone for the Vindicators. I think it immobilised one but chased the other round the ruins, not able to kill it and secure the objective.

Over on my home objective the Termagants were being whittled down mercilessly.

With just three left to keep hold of it.

And then the plague marines struck again.

And the objective was there's. The Devgaunts tried to get into the fight but I think they reverted to Instinctive Behaviour and spent most of the battle heading for trees or shooting not very much.

My last dash to secure a draw involved the Tervigon stroking the Vindicator lovingly instead of doing what it was supposed to do and peel it like a Kiwi Fruit. So with the Plague Marines on my home objective and this one contested I'd lost again.

Again another match I felt in control of and then suddenly defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. I think I recall my opponent saying it was one of the best matches he'd had in ages, which was nice and he was a good and gracious winner, well the loss of the Damon Prince so early must have knocked the wind out of his sails a little bit. Unfortunately for me I think it was the Vindicators who did most of the damage. They sure can decimate a brood of Warriors. I'm not so sure why I lost another objective based match again but it seems to be a recurring theme that despite holding the upper hand for the early part of the battle my Nids just aren't durable enough to last the entire battle. Maybe 6th will bring about alternative options and ways to enhance my troops so they can survive a little longer.

Once again I must apologise for the lack of details the loss of my notes caused. It's really ticked me off but as I say, this being 5th I suppose I just need to get these done so we're all on the same page just doing 6th edition reports. Anyway, I think just one more 5th Edition report to come - 25,000pt each side Apocalypse!

Update I found my crib sheet, here's the notes:
  • Broodlord - Hypnotic gaze! Rend Daemon Price to death
  • Spore Pod mishap
  • Rubbish runners
  • Warriors eat fire
  • Trygon ate Rhino - KABOOM!
  • Trygon at Plague Marines
  • Hormies re-route
  • Trygon ate Rhino
  • Tervigon stroked a lot, got 1 pen didn't do owt.
  • Tervigon spawned turn 1 & 2, 9 & 13 termagants respectively
  • Prime goes rampant, helps kill Plague marines and kills Obliterators
  • Lose objective
  • Tervigon kills Rhino
  • Last Turn - Tervigon assaults Vindicator which moved 12". 6s to hit, I get 1. Roll to penetrate - SNAKE EYES! Failing to make the draw
See what I mean about having notes. I could have captured that objective in the last turn but snake eyes defeated me, the last roll of the dice. Hope you can use the notes to help clarify gaps above.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Warhammer World - Eldar

I've still got such a massive backlog of stuff to do it's not funny. I've even got to the point where my seond pair of Hive Guard have just been painted to nearly 80% completion without any step-by-step pics whatsoever - because you've seen it done before and I've got enough to catch up on already. Interestingly I had to paint the legs and torso, then add the rending claws and then add the Impaler Cannons so I could get to all the bits without mucking it up, so it may have been wise to document it.

Nevermind, here are some of the display cases from Warhammer World, all Eldar in this instance - Avatar of Khaine.

Iyanden Wraithguard and Lord for my son.

Blurry close-up of the Farseer and Wraithguard.

Biel Tan jetbikers with the criminally beautifuly thorn patterns.

Eldar Titan - WOW!

Lastly, a whole slew of the many Kabals used in the Dark Eldar Codex.

Hope you got a bit of vicarious enjoyment out of that.

Monday 23 July 2012

Look Around You! - Fantasy world inspiration

One of the blogs I subscribe to featured the work of Tuomas Korpi http://www.tuomaskorpi.com/ his artwork is really inspiring and not a little far removed from the potential 40k 'grimdark' universe. I'll certainly be looking to try and utilise these as backgrounds to some of the scenery shots I took at Warhammer World that I'll composite with my gaming pics. Check out the website and enjoy the inspirational art below: