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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Warhammer World - part 2

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been to #WarhammerWorld and in the process took a lot of pics and somehow had a lot of Middle Earth ones. These were mainly for my mate Otty who has been churning out Rohirrim all over lockdwon. We're also playing Middle Earth Role Playing game so maybe it's subliminal - anyway a hobbit hole, is it Bilbo's?

The Battle of Pelennor Fields.

In MERP I just killed one of those Fellbeasts - 1 shot! I mean we had stumbled across a specific Fellbeast slaying arrow in a previous side mission but I got a critical damage role of 93 and slaughtered it. Next shot was the wizard's apprentice - damage 100! I scored over 4000 experience in one session!



Ashley's Scouring of the Shire.

Moar armies.


Barrels of fun.

And there we have it. I made a purchase while I was there, can't decide if I was a 'fool of a Took' for doing so but nevermind.

Monday 26 April 2021

Warhammer World - part 1

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been to #WarhammerWorld. This was Monday last week and my son returned to universtiy in Oxford [yes, I'm never going to stop reminding folk my son goes to flipping Oxford University!] Anyway, it should have been drop off and straight back but I got embroiled in a scavenger hunt competition, whereby I had to detour to Nottingham to take a picture outside Nottingham Rock City, holding a book about my favourite band Pitchshifter and I'd win ruddy great big red skull for trouble! 

As I was in the area and Warhammer World was on the way back it was rude not to pop in. Obviously I also took a few pictures so folk can see what's on display at the moment.


This battle scene was pretty epic with the railway sidings and the impressive octagonal tower.

Nice use of a Munitorum Container cut in half to make a rail transporter.

Age of Sigmar display.

Some neon Necrons.

Crazy new Lumineth fellas.

Pretty impressive Imperial Fists Redemptore Dreadnought. Liam is going Imperial Fists and has just done one of these. He hasn;t blogged in a while but I will guilt trip him into sharing on

A crazy collection of Knights, with some very cool conversions.



An interesting Primaris force.

Sisters, doing it for themselves!

Mechanicum army.

Ogryn conversions of Kataphron Battle Servitors.



A tweaked House Taranis scheme - blue instead of red.

Aeldari Exodites army

Aeldari on dinosaurs, with guns!

Moar Knights

Chaos United.

Knight Renegade... with wings, obviously!

Another crazy Knight conversion.

Ogres and a BIG dragon.

Crazy Zone Mortalis/Necromunda board

An Adeptus Titanicus Legion

LOTS of Adeptus Titanicus Imperial Knights.

I;ve a second load of pics that are all specifically Middle Earth related coming next.

Monday 24 December 2018

Warhammer World Visit

In November, my favourite band Pitchshifter ended a 10 year hiaitus to go touring and recognise the 20th anniversary of their [arguably] most successful album [they since relinquished their own URL]. This manifested in five or 6 shows, culminating in a home town blow out in of all places - Nottingham. Our original plans were to see them 3 times on the tour but obviously things changed and it was only my brother and I who went to the final gig, so I had to drag him to Warhammer World for breakfast and the obligatory Rhino shot [he does NOT like having his picture taken].

Typically we also got there too late for breakfast but we enjoyed a sandwich in Bugman's

This was day 2 of the Vigilus weekender so the hall was packed.

But this Titan Battle was also going on.

Couple of Warlords facing off against each other.

And plenty of Knights too.

The highly intricate and claustraphobic Kill Team table

Adeptus Titanicus!

Deja vu of the battle going on in the main hall!

Knight Castellan and the new Necron Heavy Construct

and painted too.

Eavy Metal studio Speed Freeeeeeeeeeeeeks

Blackstone Fortress minis.

A big dragon!

Far from the weekend originally planned but these guys [who I haven't seen in so long] were amazing. Both my sons have middle names of Clayden, Mark and Jon Clayden [left and right] are the bass player and lead singer. It was amazing that my eldest got to meet his namesakes and alongside Dan and Tim they were all so supportive during the initial hardships of my youngest's treatment.

Left to right: Mark Clayden, Dan Rayner, Tyler Edward Clayden Weston, Tim Rayner, me, Jon Clayden - the mighty, mighty Pitchshifter [and fans ;) ]