Wednesday 3 February 2016

Brass, Bronze and Brassy Bronze Brass

Having done a fair bit of the metallics on the Knight I spent my next hobby session bringing other elements to the same finish. In particular the Reaper Chainsword needed highlighting. It's one of the main weapons for the Knight so it deserves priority status.

The Power Fist is not a 'primary' weapon but for some reason I was compelled to spend some time on it instead of focusing on higher priority items. The actual finish turned out really well so I'm glad I did spend time on it.

OOH, now this is exciting, actual Ravenwing! All but the bolters, front wheel trim and the trim on the wings have been highlighted. More significant progress even if the bikes aren't completely finished at this stage. The very nature of these are a stumbling block so to have achieved 65-75% of this stage is huge for me. The next lot of highlights should be easier to do as there'll be less of them, I don't want to go too bright on these afterall. Then I can get onto the real challenge of the black and then the 'not-white' wings... now those will be hurdles to overcome.

While I was at it I also highlighted the Dark Talon ornaments. Despite the pans to use it as a Jetfighter I think the Dark Talon may be my preferred flyer, who doesn't want Vortex templates dropping all over the place?!

 I also did the Balthasar gold highlights on the rest of the jetfighter. While I was also putting Tamiya Clear Red X-27 on the canopy I had my printed acetate to test the look of. It's a shame they didn't do a straight canopy, it's much more streamlined because of it.

Another good hour or so of effort.


  1. Wow that's a really good looking Bronze. And it is just Warplock highlighted with Balthasar?

  2. That is a beautiful effect - definitely going to have to give that recipe a try! Awesome work, man!

  3. That fist looks beautiful mate :-) They sound like a lot of fun to use in-game as well. I like the idea of throwing stuff around! Good luck with your canopy, I hope it works out for you.