Wednesday 17 February 2016

Battle Report aftermath and help with my Nid list

After my crushing defeat to Ben I have serious reservations about my 1700pt list. In fairness this was it's absolute worst performance and Ben's Orks are the most difficult Orks I've ever faced, but we all know there are other armies out their meaner and dirtier than  what Ben brings to the table. So if I can be wiped out by the Orks what hopes have I against a nastier list?

I'd tried to take as much shooting power as I could must, only S6 but weight of fire was my aim. I had loads of cover saves and two lots of Catalyst and was still not able to hold out. Ben mentioned that Otty is goign with 3 Tervigon so I didn't know whether to ditch my second Flyrant and go for a second Tervigon instead. I definitely missed having a Tyrannocyte in play, scoring units are really important and those Flyrants only stay alive so long as they're not scoring! So with twin Tervigons in mind I suddenly went completely off list and did this

These were from an old ebay auction, where I picked up a load of Hormagaunts that I was going to kitbash into Termagants. They're all going to have Adrenal glands on their backs so they can join the other 20 Adrenal gaunts so I have two distinct groups of 30. Of course I have just this second realised the plan was not to have two Tervigon tax broods but I've started it now and they always needed doing. Having chopped off the SyTals the Fleshborers were a little fussy to glue back in place with out their ball and socket joint, hence why they're upside down as it helped them to glue in a better position. What's also unclear is that there aren't 10, erm there are 13... I had 8 Hormagaunts, one of which was headless so I used a Genestealer head and I also had 5 normal Termagants so why not do the lot?

The excitement for this is much like the decision to advance Old One Eye to the top of the queue for the last Blog Wars, only not to use him. But with a deadline, and now something to complete it by, it's definitely a Catalyst for sustained effort and progress [there goes any chance of an early night!]. 4 weeks is quite a stretch for me I think to get all these done. To speed up the process I've got the Army Painter Skeleton Bone Primer and will be prepping the Deathwing Knights simultaneously to at least keep progressing something Dark Angel.

So, should you feel inclined here is the list [which seems quite small now I look at it] of all my nids. If you can think of a better army list at 1700pts. I definitely want at least one Fortification in because it's a showcase but if you can find anything slightly more competitive I'm open to ideas.

2 x Flyrant
3 x Tervigon [1 magnetised so it can be a Tyrannofex with Fleshborers]
1 x Tyranid Prime LW+BS and Deathspitter
1 x Deathleaper
1 x Lictor
4 x Hive Guard
2 x Zoanthrope
1 x Venomthrope
1 x Malanthrope

Termagants [20 Devgaunts]
Hormagaunts [not sure how many, at least 24]
4 x Rippers
4 x Warriors [3 x DS and Scytals 1 x Barbed Strangler]
3 x Broodlord
Genestealers lots of them
2 x Biovores [lots of spore mines]
3 x Carnifex [Magnetised but mainly dakka]
1 x Trygon [or use as TPrime or Mawloc]
10 x Gargoyles [but don’t like to use them]

3 x Scrathbuilt tyrannocyte

1 Bastion
1 Quad Gun
1 Aegis Defence Line
1 Skyshield landing pad
[So I can run an ‘Imperial’ Strongpoint, which is a lot of points but showcases the scratchbuilt Fortifications]


  1. Dave just before I gave up on 40K I try to see if going back to my competitive days could save me, if anything it hastened my depature.

    Anyway back to you, at that stage I ran what I felt was maybe as good a list as you can get with nids, but like all good 40K list your looking at spam mat.

    Now it was an 1850pts list built around 3 flyrants & 3 mawloc's, deep striking ripers gargoyles & a lictor, if you'd like to know more on it just let me know in the reply.

    1. Thanks Frank, currently with only one Trygon as a Mawloc proxy I can't really do that list. I understand you need at least two for it to begin to pay dividends. I only ever really take him as a bullet magnet and to be furstrating for my opponent although more often than not he's more frustrating to me!

      Still, things to think about from what you've said.

  2. This list involves a few things you might not have, but I think are needed for this list:

    Flyrant - 2 x twin-linked devourers + regeneration

    2 x Venomthrope

    2 X Genestealer broods - 9 genestealers + brood lord with scything talons

    18 x hormagaunts

    30 x termagaunts

    1 x tervigon with crushing claws + adrenal glands

    2 x carnifex with twin linked devourers + adrenal glands

    1 x Mawloc

    Aegis Defence Line with Quad gun

    The hormagaunts can take the aegis for a better save and skyfire, a venomthrope can sit with them as well for a better cover save if needed.

    Adrenal glands gets the two carnifex up close and personal asap pumping out dakka, flyrant does the same. Mawloc is also fast.

    Tervigon is now an obsec monstrous creature with a 30 brood bubble wrap advanced up the field. Crushing claws putting paid to anything.

    The genestealers are forward flanking distractions, ultimately expendable but will put out damage especially with the brood lord.

    Also plenty of warp charges here. Not perfect at all, but fairly quickly out together and is a fast moving force with plenty of dakka, a couple of answers to flyers with the flyrant and aegis as well as pure volume in dakka-fex in a pinch.

    Just an idea anyway!

    1. Interesting Rob, not a million miles from what I already run, food for thought at least.

  3. My name is Monkeychuka and I haven't played Tyranids for 10 months 3 days 7 hours and 16 minutes. I'd love to say that it has improved my life and saved me money but I just spent it on different models/gaming systems. Fake it till you make it.

    1. You are a nutter ;) this definitely helps, ha, ha!

  4. The list that I have been using with my tyranids at 1850 points is as follows:
    Flyrant, twin linked devourers, electro shock grubs x2
    Venomthrope x2
    30 termagants
    20 devilgants (tyrannocyte)
    5 genestealers x2
    Mawloc x2
    Dimachereon (tyrannocyte)
    This gives me a semi competitive list without going for the five flyrants option. The mawlocs are stars when they hit. The flyrsnts are brilliant anyway.
    Tervigons are a bit rubbish now. They got hit four times with the Nerf bat. From my list you would drop the dima and pod, taking the list to 1575. And in the skyshield and maybe a lictor or biovore and should hit around 1700. For a semi competitive yet fun list.

    1. Interesting, again not a million miles away from what I run aside from the extra Mawloc and Dima. Lots to think about going forward, cheers for your help.

  5. Hang on... Did you say "Imperial Strongpoint" and "scratch built" in the same sentence?

    1. Yep, from Stronghold Assault the Imperial Strongpoint Fortification Network is made up of
      1-3 Bastions
      1-5 Aegis Defence Lines
      0-1 Skyshield Landing Pad
      0-1 Honoured Imperium

      And I have the Tyranid Bastion, Skyshield and Aegis, kind of lucky really they ended up with a formaiton where I could take them all!