Thursday 30 June 2022

#BloodBowl - Halfling Team - TO DONE!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my #Halfling #BloodBowl team. This has been a labour of love - aside from that Blood Bowl tournament we don't play. I think all my mates have painted up teams but they've never warmed to the game, sadly. 

I understand somewhat as it's formulaic. But, compared to the way the goalposts are constantly being shifted in 40k and its overwhelming complexity, something formulaic and dependable should be right up our alley!

Nevermind, these guys had some flowers and flock added to their bases, alongside the obligatory white pitch markings.

Here you can compare the original test model at the front right with the rest and just notice the slightly lighter pink on his vest. I also used my first Contrast paint on these. Iyanden Yellow was used on the shoulder pads - to add both a glaze and shade on the lower edges. It helped round them out, they were looking a little flat otherwise.

The coins were quite fun to do, particularly the BB logo side. It was almost my first non-metallic metals for me.

The  team logo was fun because of the extra 'ham' than the obverse. I got to play around with the effect with lighter pinks and washes to create some marbling.

I'm so glad I went back into the helmeted Hefty's shoulder pads. I had wanted variety in the crackling markings but diagonals just made the most sense across the lot. Our eyes are predisposed to see straight lines and a vertical/horizontal grid was exposing any flaws. The diagonals here are actually quite varied in their positioning, but thankfully it's harder to notice because it's at an angle.

The Ferret, Weasel and Squirrel were quite daunting and I delayed painting them as long as I could but the end results are much better than I expected. I've seen other hobbyists since, which look almost real, but I'm still happy with these little critter. I do need to make an Akhorne at some point from the spare squirrel head I have.

I also added a little splat of Tamiya Clear Red X-27 blood on t hat Hefty's nose bandage and the knuckles of some of the Hopefuls - like they've just punched someone to a pulp - definitely hopeful, perhaps even wishful!

The pasty came out so well and the flowers add just that little touch of extra detail on the bases.

I do love the helmeted Hefty, I just think the sponge was an element too far. That's the sort of thing you can add on, whereas a plain helmet would have been a little more generic. It would have been nice to have had a second one in this style - my only criticism.

As mentioned previously I've got to get some Kurnoth Hunters to get to make up as Treemen. When I do that I'll take I'll take individual 4 planar shots of each model, so you get to see the full effeorts. There'll be two Treemen in this team and I may save the third for an eventual Wood Elf team - I just love painting these teams. That said, the Orc team is NOT progressing at all.

One day though I'll get over that first orcish obstacle and get that test model complete. But for now I have a small treat for myself before I get back to my Ravenwing

So, here's my Great Big BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamps of Approval! 

Tuesday 28 June 2022

#BloodBowl - Halfling Team - Pre-season training pics

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my #Halfling #BloodBowl team. This is the Porkbelly Stuffers before they go off to their stadium - 'Surf n'Turf Moar'. These are essentially finished, except for adding grass and flowers to the bases [I also picked out some bonewhite stones, as is my signature]. Granted, a huge jump from my last pics but it's been a labour of love and I just kept plugging away, not worrying about pics.

I think everyone should have a go at painting these models, so much character. I know I've been more adventurous and explored quite a bit more skintone techniques than normal.

That said Warhammer Community tweeted a post about sharing your 'Fling teams and the standard was insane. I was perfectly happy with mine but did feel as though I wish I could have pushed them more.

But I know I was already achieving diminishing returns in the effort I was putting in. 

However clumsy and 'not quite right' some of my painting achieved there were odd paint strokes, blobs and washes that lifted them to a place I was delighted with.

A strange contradiction, but most of my finished minis hold some element of imperfection I'm willing to overlook.

The marker pieces came out particularly well, which is something I'd avoided for most of the project, for fear of mucking them up.

The sausages in particular are so juicy. My mate Liam says gloss varnish has no place in miniature painting. He says everything can be achieve with highlights, which is true. But, I defy anyone to claim that the gloss varnish on those sausages make them as close to a banger as possible. The steam too was a happy accident, just thinned white paint over the red oxide primer base. Extra coats on the thicker areas - it just works.

The full team alongside one of the original 2nd Edition players I painted way back in the day.

There are still some elements of the original I couldn't replicate or surpass, but certain newer efforts are so much better. I'd been disappointed at some of the pork cracking slicing I'd started on some of the earlier test models and repainted them all as diamonds. I also chose not to add the cloves in the centres, but darker at the intersections. It's either cloves or shadows.

I had struggled to find any examples of halfling's of colour to add diversity to my team. A little patience and we have Lenny Henry as a hobbit! I didn't quite stretch myself with variations in the skintone around the face, but I liked the definition straight off the brush and didn't want to lose that.

This guy is one of my favourites though - the shaved head was particularly successful, compared to previous efforts.

I had intended this one to be full-on Gordon Ramsey, with the blonde hair and everything. But, I ended up doing red hair. Although the pupils don't quite match I was so pleased with the red wash on his face for that flushed/freshly punched effect.
Although, the original test model still rates as one of the best of the bunch- with his navel hair and swollen knuckles. The pink is a little paler than the rest of the team - too much highlighting. But it's not that noticeable as a group.

I'll be back with the TO DONE! pics next. There are still some Kurnoth Hunters to buy, build convert and paint to fill out the team. But not for a while yet.

Thursday 23 June 2022

Necrons - Big Build TO DONE!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been building Necrons - SAY WHAT?! Yep Necrons. You are correct I don't play Necrons but I had these from the Imperium magazine and my youngest son had said he wanted to try and learn to paint, after his GCSEs were done. I'd already considered letting him loose on some of my Death Guard - you literally can't go wrong. But then I remembered I had these and if we went with the classic silver look it might be a simple starting point.

I've also got some Genestealers and a few other bits and bobs he can practice on but it'll be quite the challenge to see if I can impart some skills when previously I've failed so badly at sharing this passion. The balance will be in deciding when to advise and when to let him go on his own, and hope the results are something that he'll be happy with.

 I get a Great Big Big Build BLESSED VERDIGRIS Stamp of Approval.

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Middle Earth Moria Goblin Blackshields - Moar TO DONE!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Middle Earth Moria Goblin Blackshields. Otty had built me one and that very evening 2 more got promoted. He then built another 2 and I'd actually got these ready for the night we ended up playing the Balin's Tomb scenario. It only took 2 nights to paint though - they're super easy.

One has a spear and shield.

Milliput Warg cloaks.

Only limited highlights, mainly just washes straight over the base colours.

Here they are next to the first Blackshield on the left and 2 standard Moria goblins to compare size.

And a more front on view to illustrate the difference. It's no bother really but if any more do get promoted I may look to have a go at kitbashing some of the standard goblins, just to see what they'd be like. I did a hooded one, which has since had it's spear replaced by an axe so it can be a Prowler, but it'd be cool to try some fur. We'll have to see.

So, here's my Great Big BLESSED VERDIGRIS Big Build Base Stamp of Approval!

And here's my Great Big BLESSED VERDIGRIS Minor Stamp of Approval!

Friday 17 June 2022

Battle Report - Middle Earth Battle Companies - The Mines of Moria

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity - I've been playing #MESBG [Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game] again at Otty's again. This time we set up Balin's Tomb, it's amazing to think the basis for Otty's board was the polystyrene packaging cover for his washing machine, but here we go. I was playing Scott, who was leading the Fellowship. Unfortunately it was a while back now, so my recollection is hazy, which is shame as this was a most awesome game.

I took on the Moria Goblins, because I'm familiar with them. The board is almost correct, it's just got the wells and trapdoors mixed up representing the opposite. It doesn't change anything, the rules state any basic Goblins killed can come back on [not the captains or Troll]. The Troll comes on on a dice roll from turn 4 [I think]. 1 Goblin can come out of the wells, 2 out of the trapdoor, unless a member of the Fellowship is standing on the entry. 

The Fellowship has to survive 10 turns, I win if I kill 5 of the Fellowship, or Frodo. Scott did a good effort in recreating the film, with Gimli on the tomb but one of the Hobbits on the trapdoor to stop any new Goblins coming in.

I won priority and was able to swamp the heroes straight of the bat.

Even with spear support and getting as many goblins in as possible I soon realised just how legendary my opponents were.

I think 6 of the 16 goblins got killed by Aragorn and his crew. Gandalf did great bug Gimli fell over jumping off his ancestor's tomb. Despite not getting into the fight the dished out heavy damage, but took very little in return. All I think I was able to do was get him to use up Might points.

Legolas took the place of Gimli on the tomb, using it's vantage point to rain death on my goblins. Sadly my own archery was not up to scratch, so I moved some of the archers forward, they have swords too and keeping the Fellowship pinned would allow time for my reinforcements to arrive.

The Fellowship couldn't keep all the wells covered, so I was bringing the odd goblin in from either side, but that trapdoor remained shut with Frodo standing on it. 

Aragorn and Boromir got backed up against a well, Legolas again showed his fleet-footedness by jumping down from the tomb to help on of the Hobbits.

I surrounded Gimli, my Captain helping where he could.  The dwarf had either used up a load of Fate/Might points already or at this stage.

The Troll turns up and barrels forward, clambering up on Balin's tomb to defile its presence.

Legolas has moved back to protect Frodo, but sees the new foe rear up on the sarcophagus. He lets loose 3 shots causing 2 wounds on this 3 wound beast.

Aragorn despatches it with ease and Gimli bursts through the press of goblin flesh. Despite the numbers he threw them all back but escape was all he could manage, not wounding a single goblin, but overcoming the numbers at least.

The game had been going on for ages, Gimli was almost unstoppable, but somehow I managed to take him down. I was getting a little frustrated how difficult it was to inflict a wound, let alone kill a hero. No doubt Scott felt similar frustrations as goblins just kept pouring through the doorway every time they were killed. He must have dispatched my entire warband 3 times over during the course of the evening.

I tried to flank Gandalf, Frodo had bravely moved more into the fight with Sam getting to Heroically fight almost every time - he was vicious, I think he [or Frodo] eventually took down one of my Goblin Captains with a thrown rock!

Boromir stormed into the doorway, undaunted by the numbers, in fact relishing it with blast of the Horn of Gondor. Each sounding pushing me back, preventing me from benefitting from those numbers.

The battle continued in the middle of the room. At some point Merry and Pippin would fall, but one of them is now on the trapdoor with Frodo and Sam with Gandalf and Aragorn on the right side.

Boromir continued to hold the doorway.

Merry [or Pippin] had to come off the trapdoor to join his relative and Legolas on the left.

More archers, came down off the ledge to join the fight against Boromir but he just wouldn't retreat.

Finally the goblins succeeded in killing Gandalf [he'll not be there to protect them from the Balrog], a huge blow for the Fellowship.

Boromir blasted the goblins back yet again with the sounding of the horn.

Aragorn cut swathes through the goblins to get to Sam and Frodo. Legolas realised the danger to the ring bearer and came over to support. 

I didn't get anymore pics. With Gimli, Gandalf and eventually Merry and Pippin dead I managed to corner Legolas. It was the 10th turn - if I could take Legolas's last wound I'd win. We rolled for the Duel, I think I had 2 or 3 dice, Legolas had 2. The goblins needed to beat his roll, he just needed to equal and he won the duel, killed the goblins and survived. For curiosity I rolled my fight and if I had have won the duel Legolas would have perished and I'd have won - the last dice roll decides it.

This was such a great game, it didn't feel it at some points though - when it seemed impossible to wound a hero. But, I realised Scott probably felt the horde was endless and I began to appreciate the sheer cinematic experience we were having. Sure, the Fellowship lost Gandalf, Gimli, Merry and Pippin, characters the film shows were essential for the success of Frodo's mission. I take some comfort despite not winning that Frodo would eventually fail thanks to my nefarious intervention. 😈  A lot of fun was had.

Here are some more random pics Scott and Otty took