Wednesday 17 February 2021

'nids 313 - Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 14 - TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've finished #paintingwarhammer my #Scratchbuilt #Tyranid Void Shield Generator. As you can see, it matches my previous scratchbuilt Tyranid terrain perfectly.

I was a little sparing in the end with the Tamiya Clear Red X-27 as it didn't seem to do much. Thankfully though I don't think the gloss varnish has 'ruined' it.


It's part of my scheme afterall - the mix of matt and gloss finishes to create additional textures and visual queues.

With hindsight, I may have considered the base of the battlements in the same fleshy colour as the folds around the well. But I wanted it to match the Skyshield.


I have this idea that the 'sprout' emitter moves up and down on the stalk and can be retracted all the way through the folds of flesh 🤮

I mean it is pretty grim, I wonder if it sets off people with Trypophobia? Sorry.

And although it's not the glowiest of orbs I've ever done and is very much a sprout in appearance I'm pretty happy with the emitter. The stalk is a little too uniform. I should have added some bits to it to mask the uniformity of the cylinder. A lesson learned for the future.

I thought I'd pop some Termagants on the 'battlements' just to illustrate the original plan.


Of course this is now unfeasible in a tournament list, definitely modelled for advantage. However, it depends where you centre the effect of the void shields. If its aura is from its centre it's probably at a disadvantage, because the model itself takes up space that units could use.


But if the aura is from the model then it's added a further 2" to the effect. I'd go from the centre, but even so, it's footprint is pretty large and provides a lot of LoS blocking elements that probably wouldn't go down well. 

There's only so much 'rule of cool' can overcome. Then again, I'm not the best of players and this is overcosted and far from optimal. Someone might object initially but by the end it would be seen for what it is.

So I'm chuffed to bits with completing it. I have identified this intense satisfaction is in part because I BUILT THIS FROM SCRATCH! Indeed that creativity from concept through to completion is beyond compare.

Now there was a lot of effort to get to this point but I definitely need to think about another scratchbuild project, as I have nothing in the pipeline... and the Prometheum Relay Pipe is the natural solution.

So, I'm thinking more seriously about it, thanks to this experience, and I urge any and every hobbyist to consider trying some form of scratchbuild in the future. It's is hugely rewarding and creative, I promise you won't regret such an undertaking.

And so I gets me my Great Big Granite Stamp of Approval - TO DONE! One that is unbelievably special to me.

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  1. That is quite a work of art. Well done! For what it's worth, I'd give you the extra 2". It's a spectacular model.


    1. Thanks. Now I need to rearrange some stuff so it can be stored safely. I never considered that at all when I was building it. Transporting it would also be a challenge. I'd probably just decant my Bastion from its cardboard archive box and use that. It's too big but it's relatively easy to lug around.

  2. Lovely work, worth the wait! I would definitely use this as a display piece rather than in game scenery. I can just imagine some idiot at a tournament slamming a pewter tyrant into it and going, 'it fits, it fits!'

    1. Are you speaking from experience? Did your Firestorm Redoubt get treated with disrespect? I expect it would take quite a commitment from me to put this in an army list. They're quite expensive, points wise, and I'd need some real knowledge of how to maximise its benefits. Sadly I'm not that clued up and the Skyshield fulfils a similar role and is cheaper...

    2. Yeah tournaments can be harsh on your lovingly painted scenery. I didnt paint anything to this level tho. It would be fine in a friendly game I reckon.

  3. This is just amazing, mate. It fits so well with the Tyranid aesthetic and the execution is beautiful; really something to be proud of. Bravo!

    1. Thanks. Need to plan the next thing, the Prometheum Relay Pipes. In my head it 's ridiculously easy but once again I can feel hesitancy because it's a blank canvas. I need the dimensions and all the bases cut to the right size. With those in hand I can secure the other bits and then it's finding the motivation and will power to just do it...

  4. Replies
    1. But I took plenty of breaks along the way so I have to put it into context. it may have taken over 6 years but that's because I did 6 years of other TO DONE! things along the way that delayed this!