Friday, 12 February 2016

Dark Angels - Ravenwing [advices needed]

We've all seen this Ravenwing picture to me it's the most iconic representation of how I feel the Ravenwing should look - dark, brooding and menacing. I've said many times that I am not a fan of the white wings on Ravenwing, Ravens are black, they are not Magpiewing [much as I love Magpies for all their cheeky antics]. Now I will concede the Ravenwing symbol being white, but aside fro a small white symbol I don;t see these guys painting bits of their dark bikes white to startle their prey in the hunt. Sure Space Marines don't always acknowledge the tenets of camouflage but in this instance I guess they do, they have a floating caouflage mahine anyway so hiding from their quarry seems to be their thing.

So representing the wings like this seems pretty straightforward - it's just highlighted with a turquoise...

Which is what I've done. My Tyranid claw highlight was put on first [black and old Anita's Turquoise], then it was new Anita's Turquoise gently applied [I used the new one because it's coverage isn't as opaque so I knew I could manipulate it with multiple layers to belnd with great result for only the cost of repeated application]. I'll flat out say I love the results and the technique is so easy if I go down this road I may well blow the 'white wings are and obstacle to progress' issue out of the water.

BUT! There are a number of issues:
  • the artwork above are these colours because it's dark in the scene, is that what's conveyed by my efforts or does it just look like blue wings?
  • is this contextual? Can I make a decision without having applied the verdigris and additional black highlights to the bike?
  • could I even apply and additional grey highlight to the feather edge to imply it's lighter?
  • does the fact I haven't gone white remove it too much from the 'spirit' of the Ravenwing?
And a whole host of other niggling doubts, I'm chuffed with what I've done but uncertian with whether it;s appropriate for this application so your thoughts would be appreciated, it may be too soon and the best thing to do is finish the highlights on the black and do the Verdigris and complete this as a test [something I usually don't do]. I kind of thought last night sod it, just go with it being different, they're my toys afterall!

But these three are neatened up around the metallics waiting for highlights, wings and weathering

Additionally I highlighted the canopy of the Jetfighter, also the extra bit at the top. I actually sponged on the highlight thinking the added texture would help me as it has with the Knight but I think it just makes the finish look poorer for it. Still, it's built confidence for the black on the Ravenwing, something my Land Speeder failed to do!