Friday 11 September 2015

'nids part 173 - Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 1.

It seems the vaguaries of the Warp ate the first draft of this but I'll persevere. My Tyranid Void Shield Generator concept has been around pretty much since Stronghold Assault came out and despite it being completely non-essential to my current hobby priorities I thought I'd crack on with it. Hopefully it'll progress, but it could easily stall [can you say Caestus Assault Ram?]. But first and formeost, should you wish to have a crack at my idea, you will need a Chef Kuo's Express Noodle Bowl. These are available from Home Bargain/Quality Save for 99p [I remember when they used to be 59p]. I like the Spicy Kung Pao, I'm eating one as I type and hopefully the spicy kick will shift this sore throught I started with today, but they also do a Sesame Seed Teriyaki flavour.

Once you have eaten the noodle goodness you will have a bowl, I also use one of these to store my sand mix but this one will form the basis of the VSG.

I created a ring template [whihc I will eventually share once I've ironed out the kinks] this will form the battlements. As you can see it can support the 10 models a small building battlements can hold.

And this is the battlement floor in place, it'll be textured in a similar way to my Bastion so it should look pretty cool.

Now this thing is pretty unique, so I can't expect folk to have one to hand. It's a cannon ball from one of my kids old Pirate playsets from the Early Learning Centre, I've kept it for years just for this purpose. You could easily replacy it with a polystyrene ball, around 40-50mm in diammeter, perhaphs sculpt some surfacce details similar. Alternatively a cluster of smaller balls or even lava stones then covered in tissue paper/PVA will have a similar effect for the Void Shield emitter.

Here it is in the generator, for scale, obviously it'll be mounted on a rod to match the concept above and that hole in the middle will be sculpted with suitable alien structures to support it and make it so you can't put figures in it as only the 10 on the ring will be legal.

Now this isn't a priority but I can get some of it done that won't impact my Dark Angels. How it continues once it does begin to impact, well I always say 'go with the flow' but I'm juggling about 5 projects that are on my To Do List and from my experience previously one of thos may well become a primary focus but currently I'm engoying the variety and shifting inspiration.

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  1. Great idea Dave. I've really loved your nid structures. They are just so awesome looking...and having faced a void shield at nova (well two actually), those things are meaaaaaaan!

    1. Well that should be fun then. After making the Skyshield I didn't really think I'd end up using it as the Bastion become more appealing due to finally getting to use a Quad Gun. However, now the Skyshield works because of the invul save and stacked Venomthrope cover, especially with so many D Weapons. So hopefully this will not be a wasted enterprise, it'll certainly look good as terrain though.

  2. I always love to see people thinking up & working out these kind of idea's & if the rest of the stuff you did for your nids is anything to go by I'm sure this will be a winner, so the best of luck with it Dave.

    1. Thanks Frank, I've rushed some bits but nothing I can't fix so I don't see me dropping the ball enough to be dis-satisfied. Just need to keep at it.

  3. What are the dimensions of the bowl?