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Saturday 1 June 2024

#BattleReport - 1,000pts Eldar v Tyranids

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been playing TENTH! #New40k again, this is a while ago, so I'm not sure how much I remember but it was a chance for a few of us to get together. This was Scott's Aeldari versus Otty's Tyranids.

Scott and Liam had quite the array, with a Wraithknight, Avatar, Wave Serpent and some Wraithguard. 

Otty had some Carnifex, Tyrannofex, Zoanthropes, Hive Guard, Termagants and Genestealers/Broodlord

I think we got first turn and, as always, got as far up the board as possible. 

I'm pretty sure the Tfex got a really good shot on the Wave Serpent, but thanks to a stratagem was able to shrug off half its damage, keeping it alive. With hindsight I think this was a pivotal moment. If that Wave Serpent had have gone down it might have changed everything. We did however kill the Rangers in the Tyranid Capillary Towers... 

Which gave the Avatar the perfect launching point. Concentrated fire on the Tfex put it down, with the Wraithknight, Avatar and Wave Serpent taking out their biggest threat.

Scott and Liam had been able to make great progress, both in board control and damage to the Tyranids. We were already floundering. We were struggling to put any damage on those big 3.

And the Avatar stepped down from the Towers to wipe out the Zoanthropes.

I think we lost so much more after this and although I thought the game was a bit more 'fun' than previous attempts I know Otty was unimpressed. Our rolling was unspectacular, we were out-gunned and the constant rule checking didn't help the flow of the game. Not having the stats for the nids on cards I was constantly switching between the 2 Indexes giving the rules for both factions. It's not a great way to play. The actual game rules - if we played more and got the core rules down that might help but definitely having the faction rules to hand will be of benefit. I've a better report coming though with my Knights, so look out for that.

Friday 15 April 2022

#BlackstoneFortress - Amallyn Shadowguide

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer ... honestly I have! Just not very much and the items I have been painting show limited progress and are difficult to take pictures of, so I've had little to post about. Anyway, I haven't shared any of this since my Big Build TO DONE! and that was pre-COVID! In truth I'm not sharing much this time, just the one picture. This had been primed and basecoated for a couple of years now and somewhere among my Tyranid Warriors and Ravenwing Talonmaster I painted the white armour. I'm pretty chuffed with the results, if I'm honest. It's really odd as I know this will look awesome when I finish it but I just have zero motivation to do so.

We're not playing BSF and there's no rush to get it done, not to mention I do have much higher priority models on my TO DO list. Maybe it'll be something where I just do the green or the brown inbetween other jobs. The gun will be black so perhaps tack that on with some Ravenwing stuff that I'm currently working on, when I get past the metallics stage that is!

Anyway, short and sweet. I've a couple of updates to share with you when I can find time to write them. My son is back to uni next week so I should have more hobby time to push on and complete some projects with a concerted effort.

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Blackstone Fortress - Amallyn Shadowguide Big Build - TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers I've built my second character for #blackstonefortress Amallyn Shadowguide [#paintingwarhammer]. Now I'd normally feel bad about including this as a 'build' they are afterall 'easy-build' - she comes in 2 parts! But I was compelled by a vision to put her on a step and it was a number of days cogitating about how to achieve the vision that brought us to this point.

The step was made out of a used plasticard gift voucher

And the back of a 25mm slotta-base to raise her up a little more. Some Milliput to smooth it altogether and triads of plastic to help obfuscate joins between the three basing elements [base > slotta > plasticard].

So despite the easy build nature this was a good week of contemplation and avoidance before I got it done. It was a stretch despite the simplicity so I get my Big Build Galactic Stamp of Approval

And it's kind of based too, I mean not painted base which is the true criteria but... that will come at the end.

Monday 5 March 2018

Warhammer World GT3 - Game 4 Tyranids v Aeldari [Eldar]

Game 4 of GT3 and I am a hot mess. I'm regretting the beer, yesterday's lunch of curry [fab as it was] and sheesh kebab [which was far spicier than I would have liked]. Steve Parker is facing me with a host of Wraith Guard [mainly hiding in the webway] and a Wraith Knight. In all honesty I was not with it for this game. I couldn't remember where I'd put my digital camera after game 1. I'd been using my phone since and so I was totally preoccupied with where it could be. The events team came over to give me the bad news that it hadn't been handed in while adding the good news the 'nids had been nominated again for best army. So as Steve went first and started to remove my models with ease I couldn't see them die quick enough, anyway the game...

The low down:
  • Ascension [Chapter Approved mission]
  • Hammer and Anvil - Table ends deployment
  • I chose deployment zone, but I deployed last unit [giving Steve +1 to win first turn], 
  • Steve went first
Thanks to the peculiarities of this mission all span the middle of the board, which effectively makes my Skyshield redundant in it's role of objective camper. With a lot of both our armies off board I once again chose Tenacious Survivor for my Warlord Flyrant instead of Alien Cunning to remove him from the board.

With so many Ranger scouts littering the battlefield finding space to bring stuff on was also going to be a challenge, so it seemed like a good idea to start with the Flyrant on the board. Wraithguard took and objective. Two more units of Wraithguard would secure the other objective out of shot in front of the ruin the Rangers are in.

Crimson Hunters zoomed into my Deployment Zone and wiped out the Hive Guard who were hiding in the shadow of the ruins. First Blood, swiftly followed by the second blood of the Tyranid Warriors.

The Wraith Knight shot the Warlord Flyrant to smithereens [Slay the Warlord]. With hindsight it was probably a good thing I was preoccupied with lost camera as I'd have been pretty demotivated at this point if I'd been hoping to attempt some kind of challenge in the game.

Tervigon surged forward with the Termagants, weight of numbers and objective secured, snatching the objective out from under the Wraithguard. Half their Brood had been killed though.

Trygon and Stealers appeared in the Aeldari backfield, I don't think I mad the charge, even with the Behemoth re-roll. The fates were against me it would seem.

Trygon and Devgaunts arrive on the other side, where the Broodlord had sprinted up. I secured the second objective while my second Flyrant managed to charge the Wraithguard but with an Autarch [or Farseer] holding the objective he was going to survive long enough to score 2VPs on that objective nect turn.

The Wraith Knight shot/assaulted the Trygon.

Tervigon was was killed and the Termagants suffered many casualties...

With just two left alive to secure that objective for the Aeldari.

The Wraith Knight charged the Genestealers, ultimately with just 2 left.

The last Flyrant was down to 4 wounds in combat

Wraith Guard scored the objective.

Autarch retained the centre objective for the second turn giving Steve another combined 3VPs.

Even at this stage I had some innate tactical awarness. I fell back with the Flyrant, movign to the other side of the objective to take out the Autarch with the Broodlord ensuring he died, unfortunately that must not have been in my turn as I'm only down as 1VP, which would have been the objective in the Ruins. Still, Slay the Warlord and as the Broodlord made the killing blow I used my last CP to use Feeder Tendrills and managed to regain 3CPs [although I later discovered some believe Broodlords cannot use Feeder Tendrils because it states Genestealer can do it, he has the Keyword GENESTEALER though so I'm unsure on the difference?]

Steve subsequently surrounded the Trygon and Devgaunts and brought the Wraith Knight to bear on the Flyrant and Broodlord. The Flyrant was shot.

The Gaunts were engaged.

The Wraith Knight assaulted the Broodlord and I had to make five 5+ invuls to evade his assault.

But that one 4 took the Broodlord out. This left the Farseers holding the objective with the Wraith Guard holding the other one.

Wraith Knight moved to the ruins. My Trygon extracted itself from the ruin and then moved to charge the Wraith Guard. I may well have discovered my lost camera at this point which caused blessed relief but the game was lost in all but name.

I mustn't have done much damage. I socred another VP for this objective.

The Guard fell back and killed yet more of the Devgaunts.

Wraith Knight mopped up the Devgaunts the everything shot at the Trygon who must have lashed out in death throes.

As only 1 Wraith Guard remains. With some Rippers still on the board, trying to sneak Linebreaker Steve had plenty of time to score another 8VPs over turns four and five while he wiped out the Skyshield to ultimately table me.

Steve was an absolute top bloke throughout. Out of all my games this army completely outclassed me. Sure the Orks had done as good job but that was numbers and poor tactics on my parts and good tactics on there's. This was an army that was just in a different league. In fact my kill points were just the Autarch on 77pts, which I felt truly embarrased byt after yesterdays ribbing on the 82, but thankfully Liam had a worse game in the 40s so he really sucks compared to me!

I really appreciated Steve's patience and thanfully we finished with 20-30 minutes sparer for me to start shifting my stuff into the cabinet and then game five.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

2000pts 'NOT A' battle report - Imperium v Aeldari - Tale of 5 gamers

A week or so before the NWO I got a last minute text by Ben to come and have a game. Somehow the planets had aligned and both he and Otty were on leave at the same time and he'd managed to get Scott and Liam to come down as well and was going to set up a game - 8th for everyone! I didn't quite understand what I was supposed to bring but he insisted on my Dark Angels so I rocked up with around 3,500 points and only had 660 allocated to me which I resolved in the form of my Dark Talon, Imperial Knight and a Techmarine. Ben had some of his Guard and Liam brought in some of his Crimson Fists [I think with Pedro]. On the other side Otty and Scott had some Aeldari - the Wraith Knight and Avatar being of particular concern.

I never intended for this to be a battle report so didn;t take too many pictures but did want to record some of my feelings as the influenced my feelings of 8th going into the NWO. A lot of this has been adressed in the comments from the NWO reports but at the time I'd gone into the game with my own [limited] experiences and initial tournament feedback reporting those who went first had a 75% chance of winning the game. With my loathing of the Alpha Strike [both on the giving and receiving end] it was a mixed blessing that we stole the initiative on the reroll. This allowed my Dark Talon to fly forward and drop it's Stasis Bomb on the Dire Avengers - Mortal Wounds on a 4+... I think 7 died and then Morale killed the rest. I felt pretty crappy about it, usually I play for First Blood, trying to get a unit killed with the likes of Ork Trukks, Rhino's etc. as an easy kill that doesn't make your opponent feel like they've lost the core of their army. Dire Avengers weren;t too big a loss but it still felt mean.

Subsequently the Wraith Knight moved to intercept the Vanguard squad in a Drop Pod and took great exception to my Techmarine,

blasting him into atoms.

in return I managed to recreate the Dawn of War 3 trailer and charged the Imperial Knight at the Eldar equivalent. Against Liam's advice I split his attacks, with I think 3 from the Chainsword and 1 from his stomp. I figured a mix of few but deadly, plus some extra shots with less damage would give me the best odds of killing it outright. I was close leaving the Knight on 1 wound...

The Dark Talon continued to zoom around wreaking havoc.

The Wraith Knight hit back at the Imperial Knight and despite all the damage it had suffered showed just what a beast in combat it could be...

slaying the Imperial Knight before I got to kill it off. I guess Liam was right about using the Chainsword afterall.

I can't remember who won in the end, but the Knight battle symptomatic of my issues leading into NWO in that despite trying to hedge my bets by splitting the attacks I was in fact just being less ruthless. Following the Dark Talon wiping out the Dire Avengeys I spent the remaining game feeling a little dejected.

I know the point of the game is to take out units but Eternal War missions are only 1/6 about killing your opponent, the rest are objectives and being able to win a game by playing the objectives has always been my favourite way to play. I know some see the best way to secure those objectives by removing your opponents army to make things easier but most times you would both be playing the same way.

At this point 8th just felt like you HAVE to take advantage of that Alpha Strike and cripple your opponent otherwise you can be damn sure they'll make you pay for not making the killing blow when you had the chance.

My opinion has changed since then, ironically my last Purge the Alien game with PeteB made me feel a little less dejected - I mean if the whole point is to kill units you feel less bad about it, it's more honest at least. Ultimately this was just five guys playing 8th, some for the first time, getting to know the rules and explore the mechanics. It's still new and firghtening in a way but we'll get there in the end :)

If you're interested in any more of my Battle Reports, point your cogitators here:

Wednesday 9 August 2017

2000pts battle report - Tyranids v Harlequins & Ynnari - Game 1 - North West Open

The North West Open Tournament @ Wargames is an ITC format competition using the following rules pack: ITC 8th ed Combined Arms Missions. Each mission was rolled for randomly before the game and we were then all told which one to play.

Game 1 low down:
  • Scenario 3 - No Mercy [kill points based on Power Level]
  • Vanguard Strike deployment
  • Kill points [power levels] and Maelstrom
First game and it was opposite Max Koch and his lovely Harlequins, now I hadn't intended to do a thorough battle report so forgive the fact I didn't get much of Max's first turn but it's clear those Venoms made some ground into the centre of the board and in the trees on the left.

To which I totally got sucked into dealing with. I'm not sure if that was Max's intention but having put 9 wounds on the Tervigon I had to use it to deal with the nearest Venom but in so doing left the Termagants outside of it's range to reinforce and add rerolls to 1s on their shooting! My whole reason for it's inclusion dismissed in the first turn!

I did manage to get First Strike this turn  - the combined shooting of the Bastion, Hive Guard and Flyrant on the Venom in the top, middle of the board. But with secure Objective 1 [in the centre of the board] and have three Tyranid units and none of my opponents within 12" of my board edge I couldn't quite secure any Maelstrom missions.

Max disembarked some Harlequins who flipped over my Termagants so they could target the Carnifex with their Fusion Pistols - wiping it out.

My Trygon Prime and Genestealers had come on in a hope of removing the Dark Reapers in the ruined bunker. They'd failed their charge, or I didn't even bother with the woods adding 2" to their charge. They then paid the price with the Tygon being shot to pieces, I think from a Soulburst action at some point.

I suddenly remembered I had Command Points so re-rolled a save and he went back in place with just 3 wounds left - foolish?

The Venom on my left got destroyed and it's occupants took revenge on the Tervigon - the one saving grace it was too far from my gaunts to cause any synaptic backlash.

More Harlequins somersaulted through my lines, killing the second Carnifex

And then the Malanthrope.

The other Troupe used their Fusion Pistols to surgically take apart the Bastion, killing a Hive Guard in the process. This left the Aeldari exposed allowing my Warriors to whittle their numbers down a bit.

Teragants suffered some more casualties and with no Synapse battle shock took a further toll.

Genestealers and Trygon assaulted the Dark Reapers

And made them pay the price for their visious long range attacks. Unfortunately their consolidate left them far away from the remaining action and my Rippers were hoping to secure an objective.

However they were shot off the board and thr game came to a close.

Max had secured the most kill points so scored 8VPs for that. He also beat me for Maelstrom Mission points and gained another 8VPs. He secured 2 bonus VPs for King of the Hill [most units in the centre of the board] and Slay the Warlord. He failed to get First Strike [kill a unit in your first turn] but I got it in mine. Final score 18:1

Max was a great player, subsequently I found out he'd previously won the WarhammerFest GT and in his next NWO match tabled Richard Hope from Geeks Wargaming. The fact I still had some units on the board made me feel a little better about the loss, but it was a really relaxed game and any moment where things had gone wrong, he brushed the errors aside with no issue. For instance Max was unaware my Trygon Prime had synapse so hadn't ensured he killed it outright [no doubt thanks to my re-rolled save], when he realised it was anchoring the Genestealers a casual "mistakes were made" and we moved on. To have someone so successful in tournaments and yet play so casually without forcing an issue and so keep the game flowing was a real pleasure, not to mention his army was really nice too. Onto game 2.