Friday, 5 February 2016

Dark Angels - Jefighter!!!

All that glitters... having been metal crazy over the past few nights I really needed to mix things up a bit. I was already starting to feel restlessand so looked again at the Jetfighter. The pilot was definitely something that needed doing and having tested the canopy effect I was convinced he'd have to be 'high contrast' to show through [even if the Tamiya Clear Red X-27 was playing hard ot get in it's coverage]. I was really happy with the end result, the shoulder pads are a bit bright but that would be for a standard Ravenwing biker, inside the cockpit he'll be fine. Part of me wants to OSL the rest of him, like the eyes but I'm not sure it'll make any difference.

I know, I know, there's nothing to this, just a Red Oxide Primer, wash and white buttons and dials but I honestly don't think anything more than this will be evident once the cockpit goes on.

The pilot in-situ.

And as you can see the cockpit obscures quite a lot. Sadly there seems to be a lot of masking tape adhesive still stuck at the edges. I'll have to find a way to clear that up a bit more. The top down view shows of some pseudo-highlighting I did on one of the larger screens on the control panel. As you can see there really was no benefit for anything other than white. Sure some darker buttons would have been nice too but this is more than adequate.

Side view are difficult to take but the pilot is in there.

This pic shows just a little more how the high contrast highlights blend perfectly under the red canopy so I'm really pleased with the results.

Good progress once again!