Sunday, 14 February 2016


Part of me questions the need to celebrate these milestones, it feels egotistical in a way but if I'm writing a blog there's ego involved somewhere, it's all about me afterall darlings! Sure, but I always try to be as modest as I can be. As much as it’s worthy to note 800,000 page views, this isn’t me that’s doing it this is other people who’ve visited my 1000+ posts and found some value in what I’ve created/published. So although there’s a certain satisfaction that my efforts have not gone unnoticed perhaps it’s more a testament to you guys, you’re the ones making up that number afterall.

Therefore, thanks folks for dropping by and putting up with my ramblings. I’ve been particularly blog focussed recently, managing to source a lot of ‘real’ content and just random picture pieces. I try to fit the fluffy ones inbetween the main courses. I’ve also got some additional blogging tips I want to share if I can, but I know that’s going to require a bit of work so it may take a while. I also need to look at some of those long gestating fluff pieces and just get them down. Despite the effort and time to keep it up-to-date and vibrant I’m really enjoying the blog at the moment, your interactions, support and things like the AdSense Competition are making it all worthwhile. A big thanks to everyone!

Now, I'm off to see Deadpool, have a good'n