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Friday 9 March 2018

Warhammer World GT3 - Game 0 Tyranids v Nurgle Space Marines

Game 0 of GT3 as we went early we arrived at Warhammer World at lunch time, ate and then had tables booked for two, half-two. I'd played Otty and Ben in the run up so it was only right I rocked up against Liam's Nurgle Chaos Space Marines and Deamons

The low down:
  • XXX [Chapter Approved mission]
  • Dawn of War - Table ends pointy deployment
  • I chose deployment zone, but I deployed last unit [giving Liam +1 to win first turn]
Bizarrely I had almost zero recollection of this battle by the end of the weekend. In fact I had such a bad memory I had to ask Liam if he could write some notes for the battle report after looking at the pictures. Of course I was so pleased he took up the offer I'm just going to share what he wrote in his words because I find it that much more entertaining :) So this is the game from Liam's perspective and as far as I'm concerned the best battle report I've never written:

I went first moved all the pox walkers up onto the objective (middle board) and the same for the Landraider and the Daemon prince (my right of the board), moved up Mortarian on the left.

Las-cannon took 6 wounds off the spawning beastie…..

Deep striked Deathshroud terminators in your deployment area.
-1 to hit on Deathshroud terminators and warp speed did not work.

Warlord deep striked to shoot Mortarian caused 1 wound

You moved one of the flying things to assault the Deathshroud.

Shot one and killed another in CC.

I caused loads of wounds back 4 I think

Large wormy thing deep striked behind my lines and with the genestealers assaulted the Landraider.

The Landraider was left with 1 wound but in overwatch it caused 6 wounds.

In the assault phase caused another to the wormy thing.

Other large wormy thing deep striked in the centre of the board the termy things shot 1 million times and caused 12 wounds on the pox walkers.

Giant genestealer took objective on your left.

Morty assaulted your flying thing with the Deathshroud and insta killed him twice over.

CP caused the dead walk again and the 20 cultists shot and killed 6 termi things which ended up as pox walkers, then the pox walkers assaulted the termie things and caused 6 wounds and lost 4 in return so 2 up on the deal. First blood.

Landraider left combat and the Daemon prince assaulted your giant genestealer and was promptly despatched by him Booooo but until your turn.

Other wormy thing and warlord assaulted Morty killed the Deathshrouds in the shooting phase and did a healthy amount of wounds down to 9 I think in CC, but he killed wormy thing in response.

Genestealers charged towards pox walkers caused loads of wounds but 16 I think but Typhus joined in and killed 10 with the help of the pox walkers extra pox walkers appeared.
Wormie thing assaulted Landraider again but died to overwatch I rolled another 6 to hit 6 to would and 6 to damage lucky lucky...

giant genestealer killed Daemon prince in CC
Termie and pox fight, loads died but all were replaced by both sides this was not going to end any time soon.

Yours and mine it was very rushed and blurry

Deep striked Beast of Nurgle and assaulted the giant genestealer killed him and got the objective.
Landraider shot the spawnie beast down to 2 wounds.

Morty killed the warlord.

Typhus and the pox killed all the genestealers through “plague wind” and pistol shooting and assault. Finished off in your turn. The second unit of termie things attacked the pox walkers in the middle this was going to go on forever I was upto 25 pox by now.

4 OBJECTIVE MARKERS HELD (Total=11) + warlord, first blood and behind enemy lines

So there you go, I think Liam was particularly incensed by some particularly fortuitous dice rolling on my part. He also managed to 'troll me' good style when he insisted on using my dead Termagants as recently raised Poxwalkers and I was artfully riled as I was expecting to re-spawn them with my Tervigon and I'd only brought enough gaunts to cover my own needs, certainly not donate them for his use! I also got a bit shouty with him, to my shame, as I was trying to play as a 'tournament simulation' and be pacey and quick to better match the conditions we would face over the weekend. Often we ended up perussing our rule books for clarification, which resulted in our game lasting aorund four hours - so much for tournament simulation! Regardless, we had a laugh and as usual there were plenty of good and even epic moments, I just can't understand why I can't recall them!

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Warhammer World GT3 - Game 5 Tyranids v Chaos Space Marines

Last game of GT3, game 5 and I'm facing Daniel Brennan and his Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines. It's been over a week since this game and I was pretty fatigued and out of it throughout, there were points were Daniel was actually reminding me of things I needed to do - practically playing my turn for me at one stage. I was extremely grateful though and we still had a laugh. Two days is a long tournament for me I just don't have the stamina and it's always the same at Warhammer World nerves and excitement really take their toll!

The low down:
  • Scorched Earth [Chapter Approved mission]
  • Vanguard Strike - Diagonal deployment
  • I chose deployment zone, but I deployed last unit [giving Dan +1 to win first turn], 
  • Dan went first
I deployed with intent to steal as many objectives as I could, once again with the Warlord Flyrant on the board [when will I learn?]

Daniel had a Spartan that I wasn't looking forward to facing, along with the plethora of Noise Marines inside it!

The Tyranid Warrios manned the Skyshield. I actually dropped one of the Capillary Toweres before game 2, breaking off a chunk of DAS clay that will need to be repaired :(

Cultitsts and a Daemon Princefilled out Daniel's DZ.

And then moved to secure this objective.

Noise Marines disembarked from the Spartan, looking every which way to confuse me just as Alpha Legion are want to do.

Terminators arrived as a speed bump, backed up by two units of Obliterators in the trees and on top of the objective.

The Obliterators fired at my Tervigon.

Managing to take off 5 wounds even with a +1 cover save [you don't see that too often - a monster in cover and obscured!]

The rest of the shooting took out the Flyrant, again! First Blood and Slay the Warlord, see what I mean about lessons learned. Daniel's dice were on fire. He racked up 3VPs for objectives too.

My turn and the Trygon and Devgaunts arrived on the far edge of the board.

The other Trygon arrived with the Genestealers and together with the Broodlord they all made the charge into the Terminators.

Which could not stand against such overwhelming ferocity and I consolidated towards the objective, claiming it. The Tervigon and Termagants secured another, althogether I captured 4VPs worth of objectives this turn.

The Broodlord might have consolidated into the Cultists

And was subsequently killed, whether by the crazed individuals or the Daemon Prince I don't recall.

The remaining Cultists and Noise Marines took aim at the Genestealers.

Wiping them out. The Trygon appeared unscathed but was now revealed in it's entirety to the waiting Obliterators.

Who blasted it to smithereens!

The Daemon Prince secured another objective bringing Daniel another 4VPs this turn.

I moved the Trygon and Gaunts forward, heading for the centre objective.

The second Flyrant swooped on between the Obliterators and the Daemon Prince.

Shooting by the Flyrant brought the Prince down to just one wound, allowing me to send the Hive Guard forward to assault and secure the objective.

But it was not meant to be, the Hive Guard couldn't get just one wound on the Prince and he killed them all without blinking an eye!

The Trygon made the charge

as did the Termagants

Surrounding the objective bringing me 3VPs and drawing on primaries.

Turn 3, the Flyrant was whittled down to 5 wounds...

...and then none.

The Noise Marines blasted the Devagaunts apart -

wiping them all out and putting two wounds on the Trygon. Daniel held another 3VPs worth of objectives this turn. The Trygon then freedom to then move off the objective and head toward the Daemon Prince, killing him and securing that objective, but what about the centre objective.

Y conga...! It took me a re-roll of the first Advance move and Metabolic Overdrive, killing 8 Termagants in the process and a second advance of 10" or more and the Termagants managed to span three objectives so the Trygon could hunt the Daemon Prince.

He got into combat -

smashed him to pieces to secure the objective but Alpha Legion Warlord rules meant I didn't get Slay the Warlord as another character in Daniels army was in fact suddenly revealed as the Warlord all along! I scored 4VPs this turn to be ahead by one on primaries but Deniel had two secondaries.

Obliterators and cultists moved around toward the objectives and to get target lock on the Trygon.

Noise Marine moved to challenge for the centre objective.

Which proved no challenge whatsoever for their Sonic Blasters - wiping the entire brood of Devgaunts out 

The Trygon was blown apart by the Obliterators, Daniel would score a further 3 VPs for turn four while I only scored 2 [even on primaries again].

Turn 5 and I was very much spent by this stage, my army was in tatters and Daniel had control of most of the board.

This would lead to 4VPs while I could only score the same 2VPs again but I did get the Rippers behind the wrecked Baneblade for Linebreaker, which Daniel kindly left alone.

Final score was 20 to 16 and I'd managed to kill 450pts worth of Alpha Legion

Absolutely great game and another genuinely nice player to close out the weekend. I may have only had one win out of five but all my games were really good ones. I was utterly exhausted though and nervous energy had completely drained me. I'll definitely have to look at a more easy to run army next time. I quite fancy running my Knights actually. I'll need another one, or perhaps the new Armigers might make the detachment up. Regardless just something less fussy to both play and move around, hopefully the new Armiger kit and rumours will throw up some new options for me to explore.

Anyway I think I might have a post tournament wrap up, although I might just have covered the crux of my experience in the previous paragraph. A great weekend nontheless!