Tuesday 19 January 2021

'nids 306 - Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 7

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I'm finally breaking my silence on the progress of #Tyranid scratchbuilt void shield generator. With the sand around the edge of the base I was ready to prime, but what with the weather what to do? So I did it in the garage, but it doesn't matter if I keep the garage door open, waft or what, my wife can still smell it from our loft conversion, in the house and 2 storey's up!

And yet, once it's primed it still looks like terracotta DAS clay! But better details of the petals. 

Filled to the brim with hobby endorphins it didn't seem like too much just to block in the base colours, even if I hadn't done the base first, like I always do.

But I could still wash the base after, now that would be a BIG pot to spill!

Everything got washed. The base and all the red fleshy bits were washed black.


Bone and blue get a sepia wash, then the blue gets an Agrax equivalent wash. With so much Valejo sepia and black wash I did a 50:50 mix in a spare Army Painter bottle that works in all the recesses on the bone and on the blue.

 However, those two little corner pieces were actually 2nd washes with Army Painter Strong Tone, hence the 'glossy' finish. The Valejo can often have the crusty deposits I suffer from with Citadel shades but there was no issues this time. You may also notice I added some thread veins on the buboes.

 Having looked at a Capillary Tower and observed how they all had that it seemed wrong not to follow the concept through on these. A slight interruption for an evening and then another night to paint them red but I'll be back up to speed soon.

You can see some of the wash is a little patchy on the blue, but not to fear, it'll mostly be covered with Turquoise anyway, leaving a mottled and cloudy blue that is fascinating to observe close-up.


Red Planet BASE! next. I can check that off my Big Build 'prime and base' then and get on with all the other little bits.

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    1. Thanks, slight pause in momentum but I've got some more Nurgle Blood Bowl players professing nicely. Hopefully, when they're out of the way I can crack on with the VSG.

    2. I love your work!
      The above link to part 2.8 needs a fix btw.

    3. Thanks for the 'bug' update ;) I've fixed it now and subsequently fixed all the Chapter 1 posts with the part links too! Phew, I hadn't realise they were lacking. In my defence I was pretty miffed when I found out my record keeping had become corrupted, I think I wanted to finish the project before I made any further amends to these older posts, so everything would be correct - good job too.