Friday 5 February 2021

'nids 308 - Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 9

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer on my #Tyranid Void Shield Generator. Some of these pics might seem repetitive but there are some subtle differences. This pic had a filter on, so all the dark areas are saturated and wet look, and my mate Liam says glossy finish doesn't work. I hope I can capture this in reality when it's finished.

This pic shows a more realistic representation of the colour of the fleshy bit around the central well.

The VSG as a whole, I got all the bone areas highlighted too.


As you can see the darker areas around the well have all flattened off with the paint drying. Hopefully the gloss varnish and Tamiya Clear Red X-27 will bring it back.

I also painted all the fleshy bulges Khorne Red, these will be highlighted as the Capillary Towers were, the lighter maroon colour standing out against the Vermillion.

Close up of the central well.

I also Painted the emitter stalk Khorne Red too.

The top edge of the fleshy fibres on the inner walls were also washed red so there was a raw blend to the bone on the outer.

All the fibres had more contrast added to the lower strands of each 'bundle'. I got some great contrast here, I hope the planned Tamiya Clear Red X-27 enhances it rather than neutralises it.


The gloss varnish will give me a starting point, then I can add the Tamiya Clear Red X-27 in a small area and if it doesn't appear to be working I'll not do the rest.

Khorne Red wash where the fleshy balls intersect with the bone, just like I did with the Adrenal Glands on the Tyrannofex.


I'm super chuffed with this at the moment. I had a good 2+ hour session to get to this stage and I can't believe the variety in the Vermillion/Pumpkin highlight versus the Vermillion/white highlights. I love how the Red Planet BASE! frames it all. What's left to do [although since I wrote this I can cross out the bits already done 😉]?
  • Red bits
  • Green little bits [the tiny balls on the red balls]
  • Big green ball
  • Green glow FX
  • Veins [pink]
  • Chitin highlight 1
  • Chitin highlight 2
  • Matt varnish
  • Gloss varnish
  • Tamiya Clear Red X-27 

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  1. Just keeps getting better - and creepier - every time we see it. Fantastic!

    1. Creepy, yes that's the right word. Arguably it may be the creepiest of all the pieces of Tyranid terrain I've done. The Bastion door and the centre of the Skyshield are pretty grim and this has the same. However, where the Skyshield has a ring of cartilage between the dimpled texture [which is disturbing in itself], the folds of flesh just aren't right.

      Also, the decision to separate the two smaller towers from the bone pit with more musculature was an inspired addition to my aesthetic. It adds another dimension, almost like the inner structure can stretch and contract, which it needs when it wants to raise and lower the emitter ball...

  2. Not sure what the right words are Dave, but wonderful might be close 😊

    1. I understand why it's difficult. i often refer to how easy it is painting Tyranids - you can make mistakes because nothing in 'nature' is perfect. But Tyranids are wholly unnatural beasts, so it feels very odd to refer to them in respect of nature and what is natural.

      Equally referring to them in admiration, and therefore their painting and construction feels really uncomfortable. But I understand your sentiment, thanks.