Friday, 27 April 2018

'nids part 250 - Tyranid Void Shield Generator - how to sculpt a chitin plate NSfW!

To celebrate my 250th Tyranid post I thought I'd finally publish this 'draft' post officially to the world. I originally sculpted and filmed this almost 2 years ago but I know what it looks like and just couldn't bring myself to share it publicly. I've speeded it up to try and make it less 'inappropriate but dirty minds will out.

All it really is for is helping folk understand that sculpting these plates is not difficult. It takes 10 minutes to do each one and then it's left to dry overnight. I was also doing a couple of other plates on the sides so a half hour sculpting session in total. It's not a huge investment in time and as you can see the technique is not difficult but I think the results turn out pretty cool.

The VSG is in hiatus at the moment, I do have a follow up post to this to show the sculpted fibrous inner musculature on the tower. I actually wanted to film that too but haven't yet but one day I'll get back to it I promise, until then you now know the secrets of it's xenos construction.

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