Sunday 31 March 2024

Dark Angels - Deathwing Knights and Terminators - WHITE PICS ⚪

Morning #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my 16 Deathwing. And here we have the pics on white background for the connoisseurs.

I had to fall back on Camera360 for my red pics, my recent app Ektachrome, that recreates digital pics in the style of Fuji Velvia film no longer works. Really annoying.

Anyway, back to the miniatures themselves. These were quite the challenge to do, my spreadsheet had 460 elements to paint.

Some were more complex than that or bundled together but it became an absolute mission to get them done.

And here we have all 10 Deathwing Knights together. I put far more final highlight on the newer ones but they're still relatively consistent despite the years separating them.

The assault squad.

If you recall my head close-ups I was somewhat disappointed but I genuinely think they look awesome in situ. 

Some additional litany scripts on the back of the banners so they were still quite interesting. 

Lovely molten metal lightning claws. 

So pleased with these 2 guys, bags of character with only limited adjustment to the models aside for head choice and how they were posed on their tactical rocks.

And this guy with his Deathwatch arm. Nice to dip back into that squad. I'll also say the black string on his Storm Shield is in reference to Deathwatch , but it's just a happy accident. 

These guys are so cool. Can't believe how good they came out.

It would have been nice to have one of them in a slightly different pose than 'come at me' but pleased nonetheless.

Command guys and heavy weapons. 

I love the Plasma Cannon and should I ever play Space Hulk I'll need the Flamer.

But the Champion is pretty cool with the halberd. 

Plasma glow was not my best ever but it'll do. I tried Dirty Down Rust on his base again. Some improved success this time. 

32 year's in the making for the Grey Knight lightning claw terminator. Finally done!

And there we go. Hope you enjoyed these. There's a little something else to come as anyone who's even partially good at maths will see there are 3 squads of 5, which adds up to 15 Terminators. But if you go back to the beginning you will see I said there are 16 TO DONE! I've one more to share, but it is everything from prime to varnish... it's been a secret all this time.

Friday 29 March 2024

Dark Angels - Deathwing Knights and Terminators - TO DONE!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Deathwing. For the most part this has been over a year in the making having started them in February 2023.

Of course the models have been updated, with new Dark Angels and upgrades to better match the chonky Primaris scale. I still think these have more character though.

I've been somewhat underwhelmed by the new Dark Angel models and lore. Which is a relief as I already have a ton of Primaris to paint so I don't need any other temptations

But I long ago came to the conclusion this was just a painting project. The rules for Astartes are a little too complex for me with Space Marine Codex and Dark Angel Codex Supplements. Too expensive n'all. 

But I love these guys and they look great alongside the other 5 I painted in May 2020.

Although, part of me does like the idea of them all rocking up in their Land Raider Redeemer.

At some point I might need a Chaplain in Terminator Armour to go with them but no urgency. 

Here's my assault terminators. 

I went with molten metal lightning claws. On the one hand [claw?] I think they are awesome - the absolute best choice I could have made and the best effort at painting molten metal I've done.

Genuinely I look at them and I see the blades as good as any tutorial I've watched explaining how to paint the technique. 

Anon the other hand [claw?] they just look like I've dry-brushed the edges black! 😂

It seems like there isn't much effort there, but there both was and wasn't.

It too k a fair bit but it was much easier this time. I have some WiPs I'll share later that might help give a clue to myself how easy it was, should I ever decide to do it again - I will. 

The Deathwing banner felt like a monumental challenge, but again it was much easier than I expected. It doesn't quite match my lore. 

I would have liked to do it as Ferron Proxima, with the angel dark skinned, but I feared it might look odd against the knowledge of how it's supposed to look. Like the image was in negative. Gort, the squad sergeant is great, even if his own banner is a little underwhelming in comparison.

The ex-Deathwatch veteran and 'come-at-me' bro

Command and heavy weapons. 

On the left we have an original metal Rogue Trader[ish] era Grey Knight terminator with lightning claws. About 75% of the paintwork is original from no later than 1992 - 32 years as a WiP. Plasma Cannon and Apothecary [which I believe has been removed from the codex...].

Heavy Flamer and Company Champion.

Even the Apothecary's Storm Bolter Bayonet is red hot! Although the Champion's Halberd wears it somewhat better.

Plasma Cannon and lightning claws - the longest WiP I think I'll ever do!

Another Bloody Great Big Bloody Stamp of Bloody Approval!