Saturday 6 February 2016

Moar pics from Wargames

Last year we hardly ever got chance to go to Southport, my wife often works weekends so I'm genuinely surprised we got chance to visit again so soon after our last jaunt. We actually went so we could go bowling and having trounced the rest of the family we then wandered from the sea front into the town centre proper. Of course Wargames is on the way on Lord Street [y'know where Napolean got his inspiration for Paris] and the youngest wanted Pokemon cards and I need that intermediary gold colour - settled on Breass Scorpion, turns out I was wrong so still need to find a better match. Anyway, I saw quite a striking White Scars display so decided to share pictures.

I've played against some pretty amazing White Scars armies and although this might not quite match them I'm really impressed with the consistency throughout. It definitely serves as a fine example of how much impact your army can make en masse.

And there are all sorts of simple extra details that have been added to lift everything up.

And who doesn't love a Thunderhawk?

Also of note were these 'hen's teeth' or Forgeworld Capillary Towers, now Out Of Print and they could make some of these in plastic now?

I also sspotted Aceface's Hierophant on display. As Wargames is sponsoring him on his Las Vegas Open adventure that's a nice touch

Anyway, it's just stuff I saw in shop and thought I'd share.

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