Saturday 31 December 2022

Hobby Spends 2022

Afternoon #warhamfam and #warhammercommunity Following on from previous year's spending record I've kept another log for 2022 [and will do so for 2023]. The final figure of just over £287 represents a significant decrease on last years gross spend of £362, I think it's a 21% reduction [my maths could be wrong though]. I sold some items, bringing in £42, used an Element Games voucher, loyalty scheme crystals and got £10 for my affiliate scheme [thanks to those who use the link on the right], to shave £83 off my spends. That's still £204 spent on the hobby, which is around £17 a month, which I'm OK with. Here's the breakdown:

My figure purchases were I think reasonable. The Prowlers were a mistake, I thought I was getting a good deal, unaware I'd have got twice as many for just a few quid more. But, the Gellerpox Infected were a passion purchase. I wanted the models to paint and they'd been a fortune on ebay after they became out of production. It seems odd to suggest I should support GW in bringing them back, they don't really need my supports, but I'd wanted them for a while and even if I was to never paint them they're an investment. Crimson Court were also for painting reasons. Its been a while since I did an Underworlds warband [and it'll be a while yet before I do another one] but these are great figures and when i do get round to them I think I'll learn something from the experience.

Magazines were once again a feature of my spends. Its a sneaky way of buying more figures though without saying it's more figures! 😎 I got quite a lot for my £20 with a 50% sale at Hachette. I bulked out my Death Guard for Armies on Parade and everything for that eventually got painted! I also got terrain pieces - a Munitorum Container, Promethium Relay Pipes and Haemotrope Reactor. They might not have been painted but they were built and will eventually get done. I feel no shame for terrain but will endeavour to box them off next year.

One, or perhaps two mistakes were the Tyranid and Imperial Knight Codex. They're great books, but I have not played 40k with them at all, seriously devaluing they're worth. I had thought I'd pick up a Malaceptor at the end of last year but I really can't justify that now, even with the rules to use it. A second hand Zoanthrope was just about acceptable. Rumours surfaced mid-year suggesting new nids in 2023 but things have gone quiet. I may be interested if there are but again not for gaming.

I think I am happier with my Knights but even their rules are too complex and this push to have more Armigers in your army doesn't sit well with me. It's sufficient to spark a desire for 2 more though. Which would give me the options to max out 3 of each or 4 and 2. I'm holding strong though, I need to as I'm also hankering for the Adeptus Titanicus starter set! What is wrong with me? I suffered through my Reaver and 2 Warhounds for over 2 years, but now that I'm done I want to jump back into that pit? I haven't played AT yet and I can't imagine playing soon. But I think I just want more 'giant robots'. Both these and the Armigers fit the bill. The starter set is such a bargain though and I have my leaving gift from my last job burning a hole in my pocket and I want something to show for it hobby-wise. 

I guess I'm just hanging fire in 2023. Build some more of what I've got that on the sprue, stick to my TO DO LIST on what I paint and come March or mid-year see what takes my fancy then. But for 2022 I've been sensible as I almost forgot - that includes £32 worth of paintbrushes! I finally invested in some quality ones, which again is a more sensible choice of how I spend my hobby money - on hobby tools and paints, rather than add to the grey pile of shame! Maybe I can do the same next year, or with that disposable cash splurge it on something silly, but otherwise 2022 has been OK.

Thursday 29 December 2022

#DreadTober Death Guard Foetid Bloat Drone - White pics

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity DreadTober is a long ways back now but it looks like I forgot to share the white background pics of my Bloat Drone and three Space Crusade Chaos Space Marines.

In some respects it's nice to get a second bit of the cherry on this one. It came together so quickly and the Attack Bikes overshadowed its completion somewhat.

It's funny, I have no reason to have this army but I could envisage having a few of these Bloat Drones and Blight Haulers too.

My son still has a Blight Hauler at primed stage and should he ever want to paint it I'd probably get one too so we could paint them at the same time.

The plan was to do that with all these guys but Armies On Parade meant I couldn't wait around on that schedule.

As mentioned these were just a bonus. Sat around for years they had no real purpose and I wanted to see if my Death Guard scheme would still work on something not overtly Nurgle but basic Chaos.

I think it did, although their stature could have been enhanced by some tactical rocks perhaps.

Although that would have been a bit difficult while still trying to have the tar-swamp bases.

I did enjoy putting the Nurgle Blood Bowl team decals on those shoulder pads.

Just about visible under the muck and grime I really love that touch. I've got another Plague Marine from the Space Marine Heroes set to paint up and he has a space on a shoulder pad for a decal, where usually a horn is erupting on these models.

Lastly, this was a test to see what the Poxwalkers looked like bursting from their plague containers before AoP.

I had such a blast with these I've still got the Gellerpox Infected to do at some point when I feel that infected open wound start to itch again. What I'll ultimately do with them I've no idea but they've been a great project this #NewYearNewArmy

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Adeptus Titanicus - Titans in Manufactorum - White pics

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer #AdeptusTitanicus. Here are the pics on a white background for you to enjoy.

All the angles and some close-ups which help show off some of the detailing I added.

Although far too many pics to comment on everything so I'll only chip in where it's relevant.

I loved using the Armiger numbers here - massive numbers always look cool, even on tiny models ;)

I put off doing the Void Shield glow for so long but they came out really well. Thinned down Bahama Blue craft acrylic with Nihilakh Oxide and then thinned white for the extreme highlights.

The green eye lenses added a dash of colour too, as well as the rust streaks.

The odd extra decal on the leg to add more detail.

I threw on that campaign badge on the knee. Don't like it, should have done a blue heraldry knee-pad. Maybe I'll come back to it in the future. 

It was missing the knee joint endcap but I used a Imperial Knight decorative cog to achieve the same thing. If I get more Reavers I may do it again. More big numbers on the leg.

And on the missile launcher. You can also see how I covered up the white griffon decal with blue and orange to create a colour legio badge. I wouldn't want to do it on all of them, but it worked here.

The chainbalde.

I added a kill marking decal on the chainblade, not the best choice but it needed something.

I spend so much time agonising over these extra decal choices and half the time it makes no difference. As with the knee pad where it doesn't work it doesn't matter, I can't be bothered to change it at the moment so won;t bother.

Warhound, love the red of the guns alongside the blue of the VSGs and yellow and grey of the titan armour.

Plasma weaponry - not my best plasma effect but I was trying something new and it's alright.

The three titans together.

Alternate weapon option on the Warhounds.

And there we go - the question remains will I go for more and if so will it be more of the same with the starter set or a Warlord?