Friday, 26 February 2016

'nids part 187 - Termagants - baker's half dozen

Oh wow, I could feel the Hive Mind calling all day and I had visions of cracking on with these in short order. I managed to start painting at 9:45 and carry on until 11:30, just finishing up the first highlights on three of them and then onto the second highlights. But I managed to complete just 7 of the bleeders and reminded myself that sometimes I actually don't like painting them because although it's straightforward, I know what I'm doing and the results do show up pretty quick it's damn tedious!

I did do some other bits on the remaining 6, tails and some edges it helps break up the tedium and means when I reconvene they'll take that little bit quicker to complete. Of course I could have not done that and maybe completed an 8th or 9th model but it's the mind game and production line-wise I find this works for me.

Still to do heads, shoulders, backs and some Fleshborers but it's a bizarre feeling to work solidly and still not complete what you intended to do. Immense satisfaction for a good nights work coupled with disappointment that I did not get more done. And with that as my last thought as I went to bed and my first thought as I got up the addiction is really strong at the moment

But with less than a fortnight until Throne of Skulls there's an urgency here, even if I may not need them afterall...