Wednesday, 23 September 2015

1,000 posts

Welcome to yet another arbitrary milestone celebrating my continued blogging enterprise. The funny thing is these begin to feel like award ceremonies, y'know when a winner will say 'this award is great because it's voted by the fans' and then at the next ceremony 'this award is great because it's voted by my peers in the industry'.

Anyway, this milestone is great because it's all about me! I've created 1,000 blog posts, sure some have been much like this, self serving gratification but 1,000 posts is still a big deal. But I can't sit here thanking me for being me and writing so much because once again without you there wouldn't be a blog, well there might be but it's doubtful I'd have persevered to produce 1,000 posts in such a time. So thanks, and I promise that aside from my up-coming blog birthday the next milestone will be all about you, so you can feel pleased with yourselves like I currently do ;)