Monday, 28 September 2015

Imperial Knight - Cerastus in manufactorum pt 6

The Cerastus is getting all my attention at the moment, it is afterall the largest chunk of points in my proposed Blog Wars list. If I don't finish this then I can't proxy a Paladin. Some of the other Dark Angel Bits can be swapped if I don't complete but if this fails it'll have to be nids. Therefore I'm still trying to work through 'process' - a lot of washes need to be applied to bring down the shininess of the metals. However, the armour plates will also need shading so I can actually save time and do them all at once, at least initially. To that end I started in blocking in some on the plates that had not had red oxide primer. Unfortunately my Valejo Heavy Red, which is closer to the primer wasn't up to covering the black so I went Khorne red but you can see the difference in hue/tone below.

This does match up more in line with my Epic Reaver Titan which was the original intention. However, my success with red recently has been based more on the Vermilion on the red planet base. Still, it's early days and as I'm considering the washes having a big impact on this I'm not too concerned at the current red colour, it could easily change.

So I've concentrated mainly on the metallics, bringing all the pieces up to the same highlight stage, even if some have already had some washes on -  the carapace. Should it transpire that extra metallics needed to be added post wash to just 'shine them up a bit', I don't think that'll be too hard.

But I am still debating the heraldry options: bonewhite panels, black panels, yellow/black chevrons. I'm thinking the chevrons would be nice on the Carapace, on the angled ridge on the left as we see it below. The right hand side has a little cylindrical thing that would make it look odd. But if I go with yellow/black then adding in the bonewhite panels, which will tie in the Deathwing will be another colour and perhaps too busy. Whereas black panels, will tie with the Deathwing but I'm just not confident in execution and certainly don't think I can match what I've envisaged for the Bonewhite.

What I may do is play around in Photoshop with some fully constructed images this week...

Anyway, just to let you know, PeteB, Liam, Ben and myself all had a little pre-Blog Wars warmp up, but with only 1,500 pts at the weekend. So I've three battle reports to write up but I think this is the headline folks, the obligatory lunch picture:

That's two brown rolls, with fresh-laid eggs from Ben's chickens, two sausages [one Cumberland, the other from a local butchers, made in Birkdale that had peppers in, which I don't usually like, but were fantastic] and a mound of crispy bacon. We were convinced Ben was trying to kill us off with coronaries instead of just winning the games. Good times were had by all!

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