Wednesday 30 September 2015

The Autumn Awesome - Ben's pre-Blog Wars 1,500pt mini tournament

Ben suggested a little mini-tournament for last weekend, using Blog Wars rules but at a reduced points size because I'm already struggling to make 1,500pts and I was worried about game times too. Inbetween my own games I took a few pictures of the other guys games so thought I'd share these separately so you can enjoy the miniatures. Although PeteB won't be able to make BWX he brought his Eldar, mainly footdar with a Fire Prism and some War Walkers.

Ben went with his Ork horde with Ghaz and a bunch of bosses and nobz.

This was the kill points game, first of the day.

Ghazghkull did a magnificent job of sneaking up on these Dark Reapers.

Such a great lunch, worth waiting until about 1pm for anyway ;)

To save time moving around, Pete and Liam ended the day on my board. Sadly the footdar found it tough securing the three objectives on this board but by the howls of frustration from Liam it sounded like Karandras was up to his usual awesomeness, he certainly did my Dark Angels over!

Darn Hellflies.

Liam's MVPs - the Obliterators

It still amazes me that that Land Raider is scratchbuilt!

The Walking Dead

And by the end of the night their was Blood for the Blood G.O.D. [even if there was no Khorne on the battlefield!]


  1. Some very nice looking armies!

    1. Thanks Rob, I think we all try our hardest to have fully painted armies, although I was clearly letting the side down with my unfinished Tacticals, Bastion and Land Raider. At least I didn't go with the Ravenwing and took the second lot of Terminators, not sure I can fit them in for Blog Wars though :(

  2. Replies
    1. You should check out his scratchbuilt Shadowsword:

  3. Gorgeous armies, summer beautiful models there.