Wednesday 23 September 2015

Armies on Parade 2015

I hadn't really been keeping up on the Armies on Parade news, apart from hearing it would follow the same format as last year from the awesome Taro modelmaker. So I didn't know when the date was but I guessed I'd still be throwing the nids down. Sure they've placed 1st and 2nd for the last two years but I keep adding to the army so I'm just not going to give up on them just yet. But I did figure the new board would still be unlikely given the timescale and all I had on my plate.

Then I suddenly had a thought about the date and it does transpire that Parade day lands on the weekend of our first ever family holiday abroad [Hallowe'en in Disneyland Paris, in case you were curious]. That would obviously preclude me from entering but I nipped to Southport at the weekend and spoke to the manager and she said she was fine me setting up on the Thursday so long as I accepted they take no responsibility for the safety and security of the models. So I'll still enter and by the looks of it there are considerably more entrants than last year, between eight and a dozen. So it should be a hard fought contest, no guarantees this time but I will try and throw all my nids at my board so hopefully it can speak for itself in my absence. Meanwhile I took this picture of the manager's Lamenters which will be parading on the day. They looked really clean and bright, not to mention Red Planet BASE! Can't wait to see the finished articles.

Whilst we were in Southport I did see Avro Vulcan alongside some of his little mates, sad to see it go but an awesome spectacle and if you want to see what a Tau Barracuda might fly like then check this out:

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