Saturday, 13 February 2016

'nids part 185 - Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 6.

As per my previous nid scratchbuilds it's time to 'ice the cake'! I got some tile adhesive and grout, the sort that's in a tube, this helped with application as you can just squeeze it on and smooth it with some water.

In some respects it reminded me of this 3D printed concrete castle.

I did find the application a little difficult in some places, I probably should have just lightly sanded the plastic to add a key for the grout to fix to, insetad it kept sliding off.

BUt the tube applicaiton is really quite effective and if you want a quick VSG and your sculpting skills aren't great then I see no reason why you couldn't stop right here.

Obviously I have an aesthetic that I'm trying to match on my previous builds, so that's not an option for me. But, I think those shapes and effects are pretty effective so it's a quick win otherwise.

Sadly I'll be sanding a lot of this texture off so I can have a flat base for the air drying clay.

But the sanding will clean it all up and allow my to try and build the spire properly, it's a little thin, except for the base.

The inside was also 'iced' but I need to remove the top layer of card on the foamboard for when I sculpt that, which may interfere with the grouting, perhaps?

Lastly, just wanted to illustrate why leaving it at this stage is a possibility - a termite mound. As you can see this finish is perfectly natural. Just because a lot of the Tyranid aesthetic follows a similar style to Giger - with patterns, ribs, stomas, chitin plates etc. Things can be far more organic for nids and that means random form, without all those identifiable elements.

It's for that reason I love the possibilities in Tyranid terrian and structures. I may well have pigeon-holed my approach, made it convoluted and reuiring a lot of effort and a modicum of skill. But that does not need to be the case, anyone can make these things, all it needs is the will, the time, the patience and a variety of easily sourced materials. The great thing is you can't screw it up - nature's not perfect. And it's really cheap to do, the original Void Shield Generator cost a pretty penny and having sold out cost a damn sight more. This has cost me £2.49 in grout, some foam card, a couple of lemonade bottles, a piece of MDF a few curtain hooks, paper towels, a plastic pencil tube and a noodle dinner costing 99p, the majority of which I had already anyway and were either rubbish or recycling! More importantly though, if GW aren't going to show some love for Xenos terrain, then its our duty to do so.