Wednesday 26 September 2018

Imperial Knights - House Corvus Twins in manufactorum pt2. 'the running man'

Got chance to go pick up my Knight legs from Liam, this is what he did for me.

I wanted it in motion, I had quite the mental block that was preventing me from attempting both knight's poses at once and we'd discussed how much he enjoyed the modelling side so I bullied him into doing it for me.

But I'm going to be putting it on a different base so it'll be moving a little bit more 'at pace'.

I think that tread pattern is ribbon cable actually. It's pretty cool anyways.

And the resculpted toe joints.

Here's the base, starting with a section from a Star Wars Ice Planet of Hoth toy that was going in the bin. I screwed it in place.

And tried three different placements. Starting in the bottom left black hole, then the middle left and finally I had to have it standing on the hatch.

Every other position had been unbalanced or almost horizontal! Now I have quite a linear approach to some of these projects. As much as the hobby butterfly flits me from one project to another when I get the urge I must act on it.

Filling out this base filled my thoughts not just over the weekend but I'd been visualising it ever since I passed the parts to Liam. With the bits back the Shadespire painting went backseat. I ripped up some MDF and hot glued it in place to bulk out the base.

I then covered it in tile adhesive/grout [although some of the previous MDF shot look better]. Regardless it adds weight to the base making the cantilever effect much more stable.

I added some crappily placed stones and slate, hopefully the subsequent PVA and sand will help it look better...

And again, in situ. There's a big screw in his front right toe that will be hot glued into the hole I made [and drilled through into my finger - Blood for the Blood G.O.D.!]. Another pin is in the corner of the right foot left toe and it'll just stand on the hatch for a third point of contact,

It's still leaning forward a little too much perhaps. I'll see when I come to glue it on if a slice of slate under the toe might just angle him upwards a few degrees more.

I foresee this being a Gallant perhaps, with the fist and sword running into combat

It should naturally be leaning back a bit more than this once it;s glued in place, but that shim under the tow might make it look more sensible.

And then I have to deal with it's twin.

So with that burst of single-minded effort I'm all tuckered out thinking I have to do it again, but stepping onto this old Ben10 toy...

Imperial Knights - House Corvus Twins in Manufactorum
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