Monday 20 August 2018

Imperial Knights - House Corvus Twins in manufactorum pt1. How NOT to magnetise your Knight!

With Liam helping out with a running pose for one of my Knights it made sense to crack on building the torsos. They will both have the Mechanicum finials on, not just the one on the right in this pic.

All the handles need adding, even though I have a recollection when it came to painting they were a right pain once they were glued in place. I made use of the two different Mechanicum badges for variety and installed magents in the carapace for the extra weapons.

These were the ones I started on my first Knight that still need completing but they clearly work and I got the magnet poles correct.

I originally used Alex's guide From the Fang to lock and key the torso join, so no need for magnets in his magnetising guide ;)

A small bit of sprue on my first Knight shows that the new torsos function perfectly. I'll just need to recreate that on the new legs and hips.

I then extrapolated that concept to the weapon joints too. There's a flat area on one side  of the joint [where one of those eyelet things are] that is roughly the right width to create the locking lugs. Then it was just rimming off the excess so it fits in the hole in the weapon.

Liam is away for a fortnight now, so it'll be a while before I get those legs back but I don't think that prevents me progressing even to painting the torso. I'll still focus on my Shadespire task but chipping away at this build is ultimately productive in the long run. Even getting to the metallics stage would be helpful as the Warglaives showed it's that hurdle that will slow me down and once those brassy bronze colours are done it's plain sailing. That said I don't know whether to do one silver. I don't use that colour often as it helps tie all my armies together and I love the anachronism of those softer, warmer metals and steel just looks more durable, which makes sense but I feel it just shouldn't in the 40k universe!

Imperial Knights - House Corvus Twins in Manufactorum
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