Monday 3 September 2018

Dark Angels - Tanks - Razorback Moar Pics

The usual filtered phone pics, which I prefer to the digital shots.

That said they don't add any extra insight into this except for taking a moment to remember I've had this Rhino for 25 years or so!

I mean that conversion with the lighting rig, I've no idea what prompted that but decades later this model is complete and it fits in my army.

And again the defunct Las-Plas turret is symptomatic of the entire model as most lists I make nowadays would not have room for transports.

Sure the Razorback Spam Guilliman list was [is?] a thing so it does have a use, I'm just not sure how much I'll get out of it.

That's nto really the point though as hobby is my driving force at the moment so painting part of my beige tide [this pre-dates the grey plastic] is a huge achievement.

And a reminder that is a goal in itself. Obviously my two Knights are part of that tide and of potential use in future games but painting things not for gaming is OK too.

I just need to capitalise on that feelign so I don't feel the need to go out and buy more stuff.

I mean inevitably that's going to happen - I fancy Kill Team, Shadespire [although I may wait for the new version] and I'm actually looking at subscribing to Warhammer Conquest for the random extra minis you get for weird things to paint.

Fitting in some Primaris Marines or even Death Guard feels like madness but the urge is there - again the perfect example of being an addict!

The amazing thing is that my spends so far this year is £460 [last years total was £490] and with only two thirds of the year gone that will most likely go up.

BUT, nearly £430 has come from 'income' - Christmas and Birthday money, Amazon Vouchers, Google AdSense, and I sold various items on ebay specifically to add to my hobby found.

The way I look at it that means only £30 has come out of my own pocket, money that could have been spent on putting food on the table, etc.

I mean that's covered in other ways but I'm keeping my own money out of the equation and as I'm spending mostly extra income I feel better about the fact it's not a year-on-year reduction.

Anyway, enough wafflingI'll leave you with close-ups of the turrets.

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