Monday 24 September 2018

Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire Steelhearts Champions - highlights

I'm starting to lay down highlights now on the grey. On the one hand that's really enjoyable, wet blending is quite rewarding in a way, although I'm probably not being as careful with the blends as I ought. To cap it all I was using a white craft acrylic that was thinning particularly well with water, which made the blending much more difficult.

On the other hand the effort/time spent doing it is beginning to move these from my 'muse' to something that I'm bored of, this is in part because I'm getting flashback to space marine armour. Particularly the thighs end up unrewarding... I might also mention I washed the purple to add some shading, except I mustn't have cleaned the brush thoroughly after the last thing I used it on - Warplock Bronze. So now the cloak is a little contaminated with bronze particles throughout...

I also shaded/highlighted the parchment scrolls. All the black needs to be done too - weapons and leather followed by the brown leather on the kilt and weapon handles, should I have gone with a different colour to reduce the palette?

Need to get these done!

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