Wednesday 12 September 2018

Double Trouble 4 wrap up & painting competition

Here we have the last Double Trouble painting competition and this is the Best Painted Army category. First up is this Space Marine army, I;m not sure which chapter they are but they were really quite effective.

Even though it was a simple scheme as a whole they came out really well.

Just goes to show yellow doesn't have to be hard!

Next a Ryza Ad Mech army.

The orange metallic Katellan robots were pretty cool.

And who doesn't love Red Planet BASE!

A really nice Tau army, I was really impressed by the use of the upside down tub for the observation area.

This Harlequins army was stunning.

Just look at the stars

And the diamond pattern too.

Absolutely stunning and a potential worthy winner.

Oh my, just enjoy!

And the Best Conversion category. I recognise this as Dan Wellington's two headed Heldrake

An awesome Slaaneshi Renegade Knight, which was the winner

And this converted Defiler.

Best Character category - Commisar


Space Pixie [which was the eventual winner]

Captain Slam


Best monster or vehicle category. Ian Plumpton's Stormsurge, which he'd won in a previous raffle at one of Alex's events.

A huge T'au flyer named after a fish.

Ven Dread

Another ex-raffle prize [apparently] - big Knight.

Lots of pointillist detail on the armour.

And my own Lancer which won the category.

If you didn't know I also won the raffle. Fully two thirds of my Genestealer Cult army has been through these raffles, worryingly it's the two thirds that is sill unbuilt and and painted - so much to do!

Anyway, this is the real reward. I often thought the selfie thing was a bit weird and folk might not get into the spirit of it but every gamer I've ever asked has been up for it.

I'm not very competitive, I want to meet people, share a game have some fun and hopefully have some tales to tell about random acts of chance/brilliance. Alex's events and in particular Double Trouble where you get through 9 gamers throughout the day are the perfect way to meet my tournament needs.

I can't thank Alex enough for the effort he put into these events through the years. I'm pretty sure I'll see some of the regulars in other events in Stockport and around the area but hopefully Alex too.

Thank you Double Trouble, over and out!

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