Friday 14 September 2018

Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire Chosen Axes - Where they were @ now they're TO DONE!

You'll be aware I finished these just before the Hobby Season finished and then immediately started again...? Nevemind. Obviously I didn't have chance to share their WiP so here's where they were @ before they got TO DONE!

I'd put the orange onto the hair and after the sepia wash started applying highlights to their follicles.

I think it was one or two sets at this stage at which I would add a second or third.

The aged bronze was looking OK, I was still going to apply a little patina - cos that's what I do.

I then decided to do the skin on one of them - Incubi Darkness, Dark Reaper, then highlights with Dark Reaper:Turquoise and then white spotlights. Yellow eyes, a bit like 40k Salamanders [but obviously not red]

Still think I could have tried a bit more colour, more turquoise, but as a test it did give me the opportunity to do that on the other three. I'm not sure they're consistent but skin tones are different anyway so it dodn't have to be perfect.

Meanwhile Google Assistant created this B/W version of one of the above pics which I thought looked cool too.

So yeah, I cracked on with them and will try and get some TO DONE! pics to share with you next.

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