Thursday 13 September 2018

Genestealer Cult - Abominants

Back when I was first building my Genestealer Cult models I realised that I might need an Iconward. Although the model was greta and all I had a plan to kitbash one. I had a spare Rat Ogre from the Island of Blood [?] set. I'd used the other one for my Skaven Blood Bowl team but I figured this one with two Genestealer heads might look like some über Abberant [Übberant?] that could double as an Iconward. Well they only went and made an Übberant, sorry, Abominant. Now you can see though that might still be value in my kitbash [once I attempt it] as that Rat Ogre is almost 'Primaris' scale to the Abominant.

Although I'm not about to mix my Astartes scales I'm quite happy to have a crack at doing this at some point, there'll be a scything talon arm underneath his bladed arm. Now I know things seem a bit random and hectic with all these things at the moment but what I need to do is prep a lot of stuff, get it based and primed ahead of the colder weather. Then I can focus on the Knights in a few weeks and when things get tough I've little projects like this to fall back on.

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