Monday 17 September 2018

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 3

Well this is odd, I can't seem to find a post about my Dark Shroud that includes these pictures, or in fact the subsequent metallics. These were taken in December I must have been preoccupied and forgot to share them. Obviously this is just the Warplock Bronze basecoat.

Which I would have followed with Balthasar gold and Retributor Armour and all the other bits to achieve my 'brassy bronze' which I failed to record. I think I did that around February/March, alongside the Predator and Razorback.

Liam has returned from holiday but I still need to visit to pick up the Knight legs, then I can focus on the Imperial Knights. This delay has given me a few weeks to try and move the Dark Shroud past the metallics hurdle and onto the black highlights hurdle! Construction on the knights can be interspersed with my painting of this to make each more manageable.

So here we are up-to-date, the metallics were then washed with my Valejo Sepia Wash which is a bit darker than Army Painter Soft Tone, I suppose it serves me right for putting it on neat. Some of the tide marks are unfortunate but it's underneath and the Veridgris will act as interference as well.

And here's the shroud bit [as opposed to the Plasma weaponry] the statues will be red Ferron marble and the relic of Caliban will be Bonewhite offering up another fluff mystery that the 'Wraithbone' chips scattered over Ferron Proxima might be fragments of a Calibanite castle.

What Heresy would it be for the Order to have inadvertently been mining Wraithbone on Caliban to create their castles? Anyway it should look pretty cool once it's done. The statues on the GW Studio model are green marble but that would have introduced another colour into my Ravenwing.

Sticking with the red reduces the colour palette a bit. Looking forward to getting this fella done, it's a big hole in my Ravenwing force, alongside a Talon Master/Sammael. I'll get there eventually but for now it's keeping me out of mischief until the Knights sally forth! That said the actual motivation to crack on with this and use this 'gift' of dedicated time eludes me 😞

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