Friday 11 January 2019

Imperial Knights - House Corvus Twins in manufactorum pt8. 'primed & grimed'

It's time to prime and I did this in less than optimal conditions, because it was cold I did it in the garage... when the tumble drier was running and it is not a condensing drier!!!

So, if you zoom in you can see areas of grey, particularly in the recesses where the primer just didn't stick. Now I'd be pretty miffed but there are going to be so many washes and texture layers, gloss varnish bases for decals and weathering those unprimed elements should be no bother.

But you can see even the extra spray of black on the edges of the shoulder pads didn't cover up those bits - that'll learn me. Next year I should just build over the winter, maybe I should make it a hobby goal...?

Vermilion craft acrylic for my texture - one thick coat!

I sponged it on for extra texture, I could have done to do a second pass for even more but too late now. Ready for Warplock Bronze...

But before all of that some weathering on the base. I desperately wanted yellow pipework but much more weathered and rusty than my Genestealer Cult Sentinels. If you look back at the first image you can see they were initially brown, with texture and then Ryza Rust and a Strong Tone wash.

But I wanted most of that weathering to show through but still have the yellow. Rather than salt weathering or hair spray I inverted the weathering process and sponged the yellow paint onto the brown/rust base.

Some additional rusty orange streaks and Rhinox Hide drybrushes helped blend it together with a few minimal gunmetal scuffs to give a greasy feel.

The supports need a bit more weathering, they're supposed to be different but they still need rusting up.

Might as well use this seeing as I done it!


Imperial Knights - House Corvus Twins in Manufactorum
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Today was the end of the first week [out of six] of Radiotherapy at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre for my hero. He's found it challenging, some nausea and funny tastes in his mouth which both have reduced his appetite.We had some transport issues yesterday and today because we took advantage of the medical transport offered. This allowed me to come into work, instead of working from home. Unfortunately drivers were late/misinformed about collection times and both days were stressful for my wife, moreso as I wasn't there.
We'd not really considered using the service but we were advised it was one less thing to worry about, when in actual fact it just became a series of different things to worry about. I'll be back driving them mostly next week but more importantly he's 1/6th the way through his treatment. We think we've got his anti-sickness tablet regime organised better so although the second week has been looming [they estimate hair loss and fatigue kicks in around this time] we might be on top of the more disruptive symptoms. Can't wait to say 1/3rd done.

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