Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Terrain is everything - Standard Template Constructs

Standard Template Construct (STC) systems were advanced computers created during the Dark Age of Technology, which are said to have contained the sum total of human technological knowledge. An STC system was possessed by every group of human colonists before the Age of Strife, allowing them to build all of the equipment necessary for survival on an untamed colony planet. It enabled the colonists to build efficient shelters, generators and transports without any technical knowledge and using almost any locally available materials. The user simply asked how to build a house or a tractor and the computer supplied all the necessary plans.
One of the primary goals in this blog was to formalise any tutorials and templates that I had, to help other hobbyists. The 'STCs' I've created so far for my buildings have received a lot of hits on the articles, although I'm not sure how many new structures have been built but I'm appreciative of all the good vibes coming my way, thanks.

The downside to this is that I have a number of buildings that I've made that haven't got complete 'STCs' to share with you all. Their real world construction resulted in changes to the plans and ideas to improve the versatility of the final model that haven't been reverse engineered into the original Illustrator files. Because of this some of these articles have been delayed and still further delayed. I didn't want to showcase a building you couldn't make or one that had instructions you couldn't follow.

With hindsight though this may have been an error. When I first showcased these buildings on terragenesis I asked people to contact me if they wanted the templates and never got a response so holding off on something until it's complete may well be a 'false economy'. I also recall that my initial urge to produce buildings was based on something I'd seen on terragenesis, without any template to make it and I thought I'd just 'give it a go'.

So what I'm going to do is continue to showcase what I've achieved and add the STC production/completion to my growing 'to do' list. The showcase themselves may be inspiration enough, we'll see. Of course if there is mad demand in the comments for the STC for a specific building I'll make it a priority but at least this way I'll stop delaying stories that are months old. Hope that's OK with y'all. Not that there's a huge amount of templates yet to come I'm just feeling the pressure that they're being delayed.
In the mean time here's the STCs for what I've created so far:
'Adeptus Mechanicus unapproved plans' - STC's liberated by the Free Radical Collective that don't contain quite as much detail, instructions or corrections but it's better they're available to you so you can tinker with them. Then one day I may get around to fixing them:
Print and Play STC building templates - a variety of pre-textured simple buildings to quickly populate your battlefield. Just print and stick to foamboard, cut out and stick together [be fair warned these templates are all considerably large filesizes - 40-90MB due to the many textures added to the templates. Please do not download if you are unhappy with this. I prefer to spend my time making FREE templates, not working out why one file is bigger than it should be]: