Friday, 6 January 2012

Terrain is everything - Dawn of War Plasma Generator part 3.

Here's an update just to add the finishing touches to the generator vents. As you can see mounting card was also used on the lower parts, with the two holes punched in and on the bit with the vents on. It was this second bit that I think the use of mounting card was a bit much as visually it takes away the horizontal line of the edge of the generator and instead continues the slope, which isn't the correct profile, but never mind. Cereal box card may have been a better choice here...

OK, the big question is the vents themselves. Well, my wife does a bit of card making and she has a whole slew of 'jewel brads' as shown below:

A simple operation to remove the jewel and a snip of the long brad, which together with the two short clasps holding the jewel in place can be folded back to leave you with this:

Some aluminium car body repair mesh was snipped with nail clippers to the right size, a delicate job but worth it as granny grating would be too big a mesh. This was just PVA glued in place. Of course I cocked up and snipped the four corner pieces of three of my eight Vents, which you might just be able to make out below. It's an alternative 'clean' look if you wish but I think the PVA will hold the cornered pieces in place better and more detail is more detail, best not to remove it.

Next up some rivets, in the corners of the side trapeziums and a couple of Drop Ship Aquilas, if only I had four...