Friday 10 February 2012

Terrain is everything - Dawn of War Plasma Generator part 9.

Right, so here's where I'm currently at! The black chevrons are in place and a bit of orange rust effect has been applied in certain areas.

I've also stenciled on some big numbers, because big numbers always look cool - FACT!

Some more shots of the rusty bits and weathering.

And the numbers, I think the silver bits are too bright so i need to weather them a bit more, maybe some more 'soot' using the Early Learning centre poster paint and perhaps more rust.

Here's the view of th top joint, I know it's not pretty, perhaps when it's joined together I can add another layer of rust/weathering to try and unify the various parts.

The big decision was whether to paint over the balck chevons with Mechrite Red and try to recapture that earlier stage I feel the white bits made worse, and then I thought I'd put it into better context on Ferron Proxima and I thinkthe black and white is OK. So what do you all think?

At this stage I want to know if I should just glue it together and apply any final effects so it's complete, then I can move on to other outstanding items on my 'to do list'.

So I'm open to suggestions, let me know what you think, is it time to finish this baby and move on, or keep working at it and risk screwing it up? You tell me...


  1. In my humble opinion... Black and White, absolutely. I think the red would interfere with the look at this point -which, by the way, is absolutely stunning! Brilliant work. It's been great fun watching this come together.

  2. Thanks Brian, I think I need to stop dithering and just get it done, and do lots more things to keep you all [and I] entertained. Thanks for commenting.