Sunday 15 July 2012

+++ Data Blurt - The Free Radical Collective bring Protection to the People! +++

+++ The Free Radical Collective continue to bring about Progress for Progress! We bring protection and safety to the people of Ferron Proxima! No more do we rely on others to defend us from the ravening hordes! We bring you progress! We bring you safety! We bring you the Targus Assault Blockade! +++

+++ Easily erected using a variety of materials from rockcrete to foamcard! Protect your home! Protect your loved ones! Protect your Promethean Refining Concern! +++

+++ Uploaded and ready, admech unapproved! Progress is Progress! Protection for the people! Point your cogitators here and support the Free Radical Collective! To hell with the Omnissiah! +++

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  1. very nice these should be easy to produce thanks

    1. Thanks, although recent Ad Mech investigation has shown that these are slightly bigger than the standard sanctioned Imperial Aegis Defence Line and therefore should not be trusted. The Ad Mech have recommended to measure twice and cut once in future!