Saturday 18 December 2010

Terrain is everything - Because you asked for it - 40k outpost, that got bigger Pt 3 'big pictures'

Warhammer39999 asked for some bigger pictures of the '40kOtgB'. Here's some straight from the camera at 2MB each click for the embiggen. Ignore the Trygon, you haven't met him yet, don't worry you will. If you still want the plans for the tower are here.


  1. Some nice looking terrain. How did you get the colour?

  2. Thanks for posting the big pics (and for the link, which wasn't necessary, but it's appreciated). Those buildings really do look sharp.

    The paint job goes a long way to give them depth: I'm impressed by the shading you did throughout the pieces. Will you be adding more colors to the buildings eventually? Not that they look bad, but obviously it looks muted against the red sand terrain.

    Last question: Is that all cardboard? Some of those pieces almost look too perfect to be hand-cut.

    Thanks again....

  3. The colour is a black base coat [a mix of craft paint, interior house paint, PVA glue and plaster]. I then sprayed the buildings with a Red Oxide car primer. I then used watered down black paint to add shading then drybrushed them with my £1 Vermillion art acrylic, this was then made lighter for a stippled/drybrushed set of highlights.

    On these buildings I'm not likely to add any more colours. The outpost grill floor needs to have silver added but the rockcrete is all using the local stone which is red. The Cathedral Tower will have some sandstone in so that will stand out that's because they imported another stone because it was a high profile building.

    The buildings are all foamcard with cardboard sheeting. Scalpels really help with the quality of cutting but I take it as a compliment, cheers.