Wednesday, 17 April 2013

+++ Data Blurt - The Free Radical Collective bring you a place to worship - Cathedral Tower +++

+++ The Free Radical Collective continue to bring about Progress for Progress! We bring a place to worship for the people of Ferron Proxima! No more do we rely on others to raise up sacred spaces to bring praise and glory to our masters! We bring you salvation! We bring you safety! We bring you the Edvard Henri Memorial Cathedral Tower! +++

+++ Easily erected using a variety of materials from rockcrete to foamcard! Praise the Lords! Praise the beneficent ones! Praise your masters! +++

+++ Uploaded and ready, admech unapproved! Progress is Progress! Praise for the people! Point your cogitators here and support the Free Radical Collective! To hell with the Omnissiah! +++
Other STCs are available

OK, so the Free Radical Collective is a device to get some of the STC's that have been languishing in development hell for months [years]. Essentially I've not ironed out the kinks in the template and they don't always include the whistles and bells, like the foam capping strips [good luck capping all the interior arches!]. Anyway this Cathedral Tower hasn't been touched in over a year so I thought I'd just release it because it's been a while since I released anything at all.

One thing of note is that because of the size of the plan it's actually based on a SRA3 paper size (320 x 450mm). This was another reason for delaying it's release, dealing with the unusual paper size. So when it comes to printing it out you have a number of options - print to fit an A3 Page, so it'll be fractionally smaller than it should be and fractionally different scale to previous templates but the easiest option. Find somewhere where you can get SRA3 printing, not ideal I know. Or lastly print to tiles on A4 and recombine them together, probably the simplest option but maybe requires a bit of fiddling. Anyway be warned, but you knew the Free Radical Collective were dodgy anyways!

Meanwhile I've actually been working on a Manufactorum/Warehouse and an Inquisitorial building that will potentially come in three parts that will allow you to create one building and then add extra bits to expand it to create a structure two or three times as big as the original. Of course those have stalled too but there's been some progress at least. 

Anyway, perhaps now it has been released I may see a version of it that'll encourage me to finish my own off...