Monday 21 February 2011

Terrain is everything - 40k Ruins.

I've already shown a ruin off in a previous post. I didn't really need a sketch for these, I'd already got the Illustrator files to retain consistency in the shapes used. As I was hoping to use bits cut out from the extra cereal box reinforcement this would speed things up and keep the aesthetic going, oh it was recycling too, it's nice to be green!

However, my plan did involve creating two panels, joining them in a corner, then 'ruining' it so that I could create another corner piece with the bits cut off. That way doubling up on my terrain and allowing the corner pieces to be stretched to create as large or small a ruins as I wished.

These were my first attempts at battle damage which initially is heartbraking but then quite rewarding, didn't know if I could bring myself to do the same on the hex platforms... but I managed it.

Here's the two corner pieces, so you can see how the ruin could be expannded. no floors as yet

Here's the painted version with floors and base. An undercoat of black household and craft paint mixed with PVA glue and a small amount of plaster is an ideal base for the Red Oxide spray paint. Further shading and highlights still to go.

I've prepared a .pdf template for this in case you want to try one. I've another template to prep for a smaller ruin, I'll get onto that as soon as I can.


  1. They look great. Thanks again for posting a PDF of them!

  2. Hey these are absolutely stunning! I am also working on my table and I must say that I will definitely try out your pdf.

  3. Cheers guys, Mihalis your table is cool [even if it's not red planet ;)] There may be a small hiatus on the .pdfs but only so I can showcase more of the buildings to 'whet the appetite'. I'll explain more tomorrow...

  4. Hiyo - what's the right paper size to print these? It won't quite fit onto a normal 8.5x11.

    1. A4 (210x297mm). The bits that go into the margins just keep. You don't need to have it printed, it's only for the extra width to do the mitred joins. It's difficult to explain but at 100% you should be fine even with print margins. Alternatively scale to fit if you are unsure.