Wednesday 16 February 2011

White Dwarf

Just bought White Dwarf. Not a regular subscriber or purchaser but I do like the Stormraven and if they do open it up to all chapters and I'm in the market to dish out £40+ for a baby drop-ship then it's nice to have the rules. GW take note, new rules made a purchase. Of course recent discussions on BoLS indicated that White Dwarf rules often fall by the wayside which I don't gather because back in the days of Rogue Trader they collected all the White Dwarf rules in the Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, which I still have. Sure it's not as neat as having all your races rules collected together in a single codex but this was an additional sale on top of the White Dwarf you originally got the rules in. Not to mention there was Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Squats, Harlequins, Robots, Dreadnoughts and all manner of other rules so this was a purchase that every 40k player needed not just those sticking to one race.

On a different point I noticed the Battle Report is Blood Angels V's Dark Eldar. Now if you haven't read it and don't want to know the result don't carry on but it's an easy guess. Latest Codex darlings V's latest big buy model. Is there ever a Battle Report where the latest army loses? Do they think we're that fickle we won't go for a new force if they lose in the magazine? How many games must they play to engineer the result they wish to $ell? Of course this battle required them to be both appealing so you can work out the outcome easily...


  1. Mmm, the Compendium. It looks ancient now of course, inside and out, but it's more precious than ever for the picture of what the game was then.

    I don't now whay they don't gather up the rules in the same way now, or put many more in the magazine. I imagine - maybe naively - they'd sell more copies of WD if they did and could also use the same content twice. There was a time when WD was an absolutely essential buy just to keep up.

  2. You're absolutely right. The way they trumpeted the Eldar Nightspinner and Spearhead rules coming out solely in WD you'd have thought they had no prior experience of doing this.

    Saying that maybe there is an attitude shift? Certainly with the What's New Today feature on the website and the Facebook page their attitude to the internet has taken a positive turn.

    I'm waiting for them to become aware more of YouTube. I mean who wouldn't want to see the WD Battle Report with all their scenery and painted figures in video form? And there's bound to be a way to monetise that approach as well...

  3. Hehehe, you said very well.

    I laugh every time an army is released and it mopes out the sh*t out of the other army in the battle report.

    The only time it didn´t happen is when the Imperial Guard was released, they were three battlereps and the IG winned, lost and get tied in the same white dwarf...

    Nice article BTW

  4. Cheers Grajo, glad I'm not being as dumb as I look. I actually have the White Dwarf with the first ever Battle Report for a Fantasy Battle. I should scan it in for you guys...