Saturday 31 December 2011

Terrain is everything - Dawn of War Plasma Generator part 1.

MasterSlowPoke made a good call about the following bits are the component parts of a DoW Plasma Generator. But also a couple of doors from some modular sockets...

And here's what I'm aiming for. Now despite my suggestion this was complex and detailed, with hindsight there's so much more detail I could be adding to this. More rivets, cables, vents, lights, changes to the base structure - currently mine is just sloped whereas the pic shows it as a step that intersects a slope. But I'm just doing a half decent simple copy. If anyone wishes to add to the final design feel free.

Not so sure I can replicate the underground cabling either, I'm such a cop-out! Ha, ha!


  1. humm what kind of space is there in the thing? like for batteries and such. I don't know about the 8 led's that it would take to do all 4 tubes and the 4 outer lights but depending on if there is room for a 9v in the bottom or maybe 2 AA batteries up each section lighting is definitely possible. give me a week or so after the templates are out and I will make it work ;)

  2. The trapezoidal pyramid in the top left is the base, two pieces of foamcard, so it's 1cm in height by 7cm square. Originally I planned to try and fit one of those cheap LED press lights, something like this:

    Take it apart and fit the pieces somehow. I wasn't going to do the lamps on the edges or try and light it from both top and bottom. I'm sure it's doable and I'll be interested to see your remix but for me I'm just keen to get the right shape and have a functional piece. I think if you hard-mounted it into the man-made hill you'd have plenty of space to add the lighting system.

  3. wow that is almost to funny I just got 10 of them from my local office supply store for 5 bucks (I got them because 6 white leds for .50c is a great deal)

    2 layers of foam core might be a little snug to fit the lighting in. I think I will add a small extension to the bottom when I do one maybe another 1.5 cm tall just extend the trapezoidal pyramid but cut the angle down so the base does not get to wide. when I work out the electronics I will know how much room will be needed. I am going green for the leds they take up much less voltage and eat half the amperage that the bright white ones use.

    oh and i was thinking on the underground cableing. if you wanted to add that in just use normal house wireing it is thick enough that it would look big on the gameing table it would work if you had an MDF bord base for your power generater then ran small arcs of the wire out of the MDF and added sand to simulate the groud and painted you match your bord.

    any way good luck how ever you decide to go :)

  4. well I finished my breadboard for the lights and now I plan on having 12 lights 4 for the top of the tubes and 4 for the bottom. I didn't think there would be enough light with only top or bottom so I decided to combo them for 2x the lumens! I also thought it would be nice to have the 4 outside lights so I kept them as well. it all works off of a 9v battery. so I will have to space out the bottom a bit but I believe it will still maintain the look you have going.

  5. Well good luck with it I'll be keen to see how it goes. I'd love to have done but I think it was just a step too far when in actual fact I just want to build and paint it [losing interest shortly before it's complete no doubt ;) ]