Monday 23 April 2018

Terrain is everything - Ferron Fire Firs

The other week I had a day off, mainly to attend a funeral but afterwards I was productive in moving a lot of logs created from my mutant Sycamore tree I had to cut down - it was starting to move the foundations of my garden fence. Having put the wood at the front of the house for a neighbour who has a log burner I Found time to follow up on one of my extra tasks and tackle my Lemax trees. I'd already added shade washes to their bases but this was after the Vermillion drybrush.

A few hours later I came and did the Gamboge highlight.

Then it's the Yellow Mid

Which leaves me with this. Again these paints are really fun as they're thick and gloopy but are slightly translucent in use so it's a bit difficult getting the right colour. I'm still not sure if I've worked the bristles enough to be 'yellow' trees. But with so many to do and the need to get them done I'm not really that fussed.

They look pretty cool, I just need to decide if enough is enough? There are a few that don;t have as much Yellow Mid so they're a slightly different tone, I might even do some with a white drybrush for 'white hot'. Some of the more squashed bistles will get a quick black spray and dry brushed to be already burnt.

Then it's on to the Red Planet BASE! I'm not looking forward to that at all, the Bonewhite chips will be so tedius :(

Meanwhile the Lemax set that I bought two of above, is currently available for £10.99 [plus postage] at

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