Friday 13 April 2018

Imperial Knight - Warglaives in manufactorum pt.3 Red Planet BASE!

Having made the chassis and legs bronze I suddenly recalled I usually paint the base first. I had a bit of black between the legs that I definitely had to cover up with Vermilion and overall it started to tie everything together with the way my models usually evolve.

Three highlights later and the base is mostly complete. I have to pick out some of the debris on the base and the Wraithbone chips but this is what I consider 'to done' for basing, so expect another 'Big Build Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval at the end. Balthasar Gold will be next but the metallics always prove un-appealing, I still don't know why. They were so rewarding the first time I ever did them and the stipple effect achieves such wonderful mottling it feels really creative, but just not something I 'want' to do... So my three projects all have elements I'm reluctant to continue with for various reasons so I jumped ship and did some Chitin highlights on the Hierophant which I'll share later and no doubt when that gets tiresome I'll force myself to tackle one of the other jobs.

Interesting to see this size comparison against my Tervigon - just to point out how big the Tervigon actually is. For all the shiny coolness of the Armigers, lets not forget this 'little' lady, she really is very impressive in her own right.

I did warn you!

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