Monday, 31 August 2015

Dark Angels - Bastion levels of redundancy

Just in case the salt staining on my current Bastion could not be removed I quickly knocked up a spare the other night. Last night I primed it and wisely decided not to use salt but I did want to add a little more texture to the flat surfaces. To achieve this I added a mix of Satin Black paint [the same paint I've had in the garage for over 14 years!] some plaster, PVA glue, some of the finest sand I could 'pinch' out my basing sand and water. The still wet finish looks almost 'Blanchian', probably an ideal derelict structure.

However, I looked at the dried version this morning and it's not quite so gross and distressed. I'll be adding some Martian Ironearth and perhaps some Valejo Red Oxide texture in places to make it a little less plastic model and a bit more futuristic Grim Dark fortification. I'll then be adding Hunter Green. I also thought while I was at it I'd also throw in a Defence line and Comms Relay too!

I currently have a real sense of hobby momentum, which is only hampered by the lack of time and setbacks that are slowing progress. I really want to get a number of projects done so I can start playtesting the Dark Angels list I have in mind for Blog Wars X.

But this is still great progress and even though it's a second Bastion and defence line and not really on my new Hobby Season list the progress, even if it was thwarted on the first one was so quick I think I can chuck these into the mix without delaying other things too much. Even if I can rectify Bastion 1 and postpone completion of these then the effort so far won't be wasted as it'll be a head start for when I do get chance to complete it, like those 20 genestealers waiting to have their bases painted...