Tuesday, 11 August 2015

40kaddict Towers - I'm getting board now!

With the upper board measured and ready to go it didn't take me too long to add this piece in.

Sadly I ended up with a bit of gap on the left had side. Luckily I ended up with a bit of a sliver which has covered most of this gap, at least until I put some caulk in it.

With a bit of momentum I actually tackle one of the tiny strips alongside the window. 

The original plan was to do the tiny bit on the left side of the window but for some reason I swapped things round, grabbed some off cuts and knocked this up quick smart.

I did however discover another crack on this side, not sure how this happened again I'm hoping some liberal addition of PVA might just seal it a bit and the painting will cover it all up. If this is the worst imperfection in the boards I can live with that.

I've got windows and the other half of the back to do next...