Saturday 15 August 2015

40kaddict Towers - Boarding TO DONE!

I nipped out at lunch, got the train from Manchester Piccadilly to Mauldeth Road Station and right next door is a B&Q, and if my train hadn't have been 8 minutes late I'd have got the next train back. As it was I watched it leave the station as I left the store with my bag of screws. Still I got to walk to Levenshulme station and Ingress on the way. And with my screws at home I was able to put up the window board. The plan was to show the insulation too but I got carried away wanting to get on.

I'd even measured and cut the two apex wedges yesterday, I was busy! So this one was screwed in place over the already installed Earthwool.

and so did it's twin on the right hand side.

I measured up the centre-piece, installed the insulation, forgot the double batons then screwed them in place.

And cut and installed the board. The final piece of plasterboard was really fussy to cut so I could get this shape and

The two back wall apex pieces. I nearly cocked up big time too as I initially measure the wedge completely wrong but measure twice cut once. With so much riding on these three pieces out of my last board I had to get it right and these pieces were super snug fits when they finally went in.

So the boarding is done, I did a little more work on the door but the next step will be gap filling and I'll be getting some MDF and trimming it to just face some of the edges on the windows as the bare plaster offends me, even when painted. But despite everything I got his part of the build done. Just those bits, then I can paint it and get the electrician in to power it up and then I can shift all my stuff across. Then I have to paint the outside and look at the back room, luckily no sounds have been heard in the ceiling. So I'm treating myself to a red stamp of approval for work so far.



  1. When does the 2015/16 season start then? Need to get my to do list up. What else do I need to do to take part?

    Nice work on the man cave. How big is it? Hard to get scale from the pictures.

    1. 28th August is when you post your list. All you do is every time you complete something off your list (or something not even on it) you do a blog post about it and give yourself a green stamp.

      Then next year we'll review progress and start it all again. Its a low maintenance system but you can add levels of complexity, like the major/minor stamps if you want, its all about making it work for you.

      The shed is 10' wide X 6' deep.

  2. Wow ur going to be really cosy in there mate haha all u need now is a fridge and a bed

    1. Well it'll be filled soon enough and not be half as cool by then :(

  3. Replies
    1. You say that, but I know it just the trans-dimensional aliens hijacking your mind talking. You'll thank us when you're not a pod person! ;)