Tuesday, 25 August 2015

40kaddict Towers - Painting TO DONE!

This is where I found myself thanks to the mix of Magnolias as you can see the walls are a very different colour to those on the ceiling. So It was another purchase of paint, this time a 10 litre tub from Screwfix, which was fun getting it home on the train.

The onyl problem being the squatter I'd acquired in the corner of the shed, but I evicted him and started the painting.

My initial fear was this new Magnolia was 'Peaches and Cream' to go with the cream of muchroom and butter cream.

It had a distinctly pink hue to it but it dried really quick and ended up just a fraction paler and less yellow than the original B&Q magnolia.

I whipped round the entire interior. There'd been a number of reviews online about the paint, most positive, some older ones less so but some claimed it was even suitable as a one coat which I think it just about managed, clearly covering up the two tints of Magnolia I'd used.

The end result was much more unified and consistent. The only problem areas are the corners where the cutting in hasn't quite been as opaque as I'd like but I've done enough. With still the outside ot paint I'm not doing another inside coat. For all I know it could be suceptible to mould in the Winter, in which case I'll need to coat it with anti-mould paint  making any further coats redundant.

However, my evicted squatter returned, perhaps it's a good omen for the bugs?

So another Red Stamp of Approval, whilst I still can: